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    7 Trichotillomania Hairpieces for Hair Loss Recovery

    Trichotillomania is a medical condition that has been baffling scientists and medical experts for decades now. While the compulsive habit of pulling out the hair on your scalp sounds terrible, it is a harrowing experience for people suffering from the condition.  While hairpieces and extensions are widely recommended for people struggling with it for many years, picking the right one is often challenging.  


    In this blog, Lordhair will share the best trichotillomania hairpieces and custom extensions that will help you overcome hair damage caused by this complex disorder. But before listing our trichotillomania hair toppers, let’s understand what trichotillomania actually is.


    What is Trichotillomania?


    Trichotillomania - also known as the hair-pulling disorder - is a medical condition in which the patient experiences an irresistible urge to pull out hair mostly from the scalp. At first, the strands that are pulled out grow back. However, the follicles after continuous hair pulling get permanently damaged and this results in permanent hair loss.


    People suffering from trichotillomania are aware that they are doing damage to their hair but cannot successfully deal with the urge. This hair loss condition is more common among teenagers and young adults and is observed mostly in women.


    What is Trichotillomania


    How to recover from trichotillomania? 


    The compulsiveness of pulling strands from the same spots causes long-term damage to the follicles, making it irreparable. While recovering from trichotillomania is all about willpower, mindfulness, and behavioral changes, people with extreme hair loss commonly  go for extensions and hairpieces to regain their confidence. 


    Below are the 7 trichotillomania hair toppers from our catalog that are widely favored by patients:


    NOTE: Trichotillomania hair extensions are custom designed by Lordhair as per patients’  requirements. Email at support@lordhair.com to share the degree of your hair loss. 


    Champion: Full French hairpiece


    Men who have inflicted permanent hair damage on the scalp because of trichotillomania should definitely try our Champion hair topper. With its 8” x 10” full French lace base, it stands out for the top levels of breathability and comfort. Stitching lines add structure to the whole base and help retain its shape in the long run.


    The Champion hairpiece for men is designed using 100% human hair and is available in 36 different shades at an impressive price of US$229.


    Full French hairpiece


    Dahlia: Hair wig for women


    We know how embarrassing it is for most women to live without a full head of hair. To help them gain back the before-trichotillomania look, we decided to add the Dahlia wig to this list. It has a silk top base with ½” NPU perimeter, ⅛” folded lace as well as clips. A silk top base helps ladies hide their bald patches, giving the appearance of hair coming out of the scalp.


    The premium quality Mongolian Remy hair of Dahlia topper undergoes minimal processing in order to retain the natural luster for a long period of time. This hair extension for women has a medium-heavy hair density and is available in different hair lengths for just US$279.  


    Connect with Lordhair on Instagram to request pricing for trichotillomania extensions    


    Hair wig for women


    Icon-F hairpiece for men


    A recent addition to our hair system catalog, this hair topper is designed for men who have lost hair from the front of their scalp due to trichotillomania, genetic hair loss, or any other hair loss causes. Icon-F hairpiece has a super fine welded mono base which is breathable (just like French lace) because of its woven nature. Also, it is known to be more durable due to stitching lines all around the base.


    The Icon-F hair topper has a 5” natural human hair in medium-light hair density. The option to choose between two different base sizes and 10 distinct shades makes it a great option for US$119.


    Cassia: Silk top topper 


    Compulsive plucking of hair around the frontal hairline causes it to recede. To help women overcome the condition of hair loss at the front, we introduced Cassia. The 6” x 6.5” silk top base of this hairpiece has a half-inch fine welded mono lace front which can be easily attached with tape. While you have the option to use clips as well, the ½” NPU on sides and back makes for easier attachment.


    The Cassia silk topper has Remy hair which is known for its softness and will stay the same for a long period of time. With a hair length of 12” to 16” and 4 different hair colors, this hairpiece has an affordable price tag of US$239.


    Welcome to Inquire about trichotillomania extensions with features of Cassia silk topper!


    Silk top topper


    UTS: Ultra-thin hair topper


    Men who are suffering from permanent hair loss due to trichotillomania and seeking a lightweight solution should definitely consider using the UTS hairpiece. As the name suggests, it has a 0.03mm transparent thin skin base with V-looped hair which gives the appearance of hair coming out of your scalp.  


    Thanks to its 100% Indian human hair, it makes your scalp feel airy and gives a hyper-realistic look. UTS hair topper is available in 25+ unique shades for US$209.


    Ultra-thin hair topper


    Daisy: Remy hairpiece


    Since the day Daisy hairpiece was released, it has gained enormous popularity among women suffering from temporary and permanent hair loss. As a hair topper with a narrow base dimension of 2.75” x 5.5”, Daisy brings a silk top base which easily blends with your scalp.


    The ¼” NPU perimeter of Daisy wig gives an all-natural shape to the hair extension. The hairpiece widely purchased to fight trichotillomania has 14-inch hair which can be kept straight or curled. You can buy Daisy for just US$209.


    Lordhair’s collection of hair extensions and hairpieces looks natural and feels comfy. Check out Kelly’s story:




    Air: Swiss lace toupee


    Air is one of the latest hairpieces for men added to our catalog. This hair system is the first stock hair topper to incorporate Swiss lace. Base being constructed with top-notch Swiss lace, it ranks very high in softness and breathability. The natural human hair of the Air hairpiece greatly helps in concealing permanent baldness.


    Thanks to the bleach knots present at the front of the Air hair topper, it opens up a lot of styling options. This hair extension for men is available in 13 different colors and has a price of US$229.


    Swiss lace toupee


    Buy custom trichotillomania extensions 


    Most hair extensions designed for trichotillomania are not designed and styled with your natural hair in mind. This compromises the natural look and feel of the hair. At Lordhair, we design custom extensions for trichotillomania so that you don’t have to compromise on anything. 


    Discuss your trichotillomania hair extension goals with Lordhair and we will recommend the best solution for your degree of hair loss. Got any queries regarding our trichotillomania extensions? Send them at support@lordhair.com and our hair experts will answer them for you!


    Note: Always consult your physician before buying an extension or wig to fight trichotillomania.


    Further reading: NHS on Trichotillomania