Lace hair systems are always the most popular style in summer. The hot days are coming soon. Thinking of having a comfortable, totally breathable, light and invisible hair piece? Now is a great time to buy!


Stock lace systems come right off the factory floor and are available for immediate shipment. We have an extensive range in a variety of colors to choose from in medium light density, CC front contour, 6” long hair, body wave, free style, and bleach knots all over. $179 for 1 piece, $308 for 2 pieces, $556 for 4 pieces! Remember, the more you buy, the more your save. Base size cuting and hair cutting services are also available before shipment.


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For a better fit, feel free to place a custom order; starting from only $199!

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Lordhair simplifies buying a hair replacement system for people of all genders across the globe. Easy to apply and maintain, our toupee wigs look ultra-realistic and are breathable, comfortable, and pocket-friendly as well. 

Purchasing a hair system from Lordhair means astounding hair for months to come. Whether your goal is to overcome hair thinning or adding volume for styling, our collection of toupee hair replacement systems for men and women is the best online. 

Our growing range of hair recovery and styling products are shipped to 100+ countries and are widely recommended on popular virtual communities like Reddit and Quora. Browse our website to discover toupees for men and wigs for women. Email us at to discuss your hair goals. 



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