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Lordhair, the professional hair products factory with skilled workers and  designers offers a range of top quality wigs:

Stock full lace wig: Full lace with stretch on the crown. This cap has a very natural hairline with enough breathability,  stretch on the crown makes it easy to adjust the cap size. Many styles are available. 


Stock lace front wig: 3” lace in front, machine weft in back. Combs and adjustable band in back can help you to stablize and adjust the cap. You can also wear a ponytail with this cap.


Jewish Wig: Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, European hair are all available.  Mono top or silk top in front, invisible knots, natural looking.


Medical wig: soft cap style, which is comfortable for delicate the skin. It's the best choice for cancer patients. Anti-slip PU, metal stay in temples and adjustable band in back mean there is no need to use glue or tape.

High-end custom made wig:  mono base, mono with Pu base, silicone skin base, super thin skin base and so on. We create a personalized wig according to your template and hair sample. You can also send an older one for us copy.




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