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Lordhair is a professional manufacturer of hair products, toupees for men, hair integration for women, full wigs, hair wefts, hair extensions, micro rings, etc. If you need a perfect hair replacement system in your size and hair color, you can send a template and hair sample to us and we will send you a perfect custom made hair replacement system. If you need a hair system urgently, a stock replacement would be a great choice. Lordhair also keeps some stock toupees for men. If you need a stock hair toupee, we can make the shipment within 24 hours.

Lordhair stock hair replacements have a base size of 8 inches x 10 inches, 6 inch hair length, medium or medium light density, body wave and black or brown color. They are light and you can choose from a variety of bases, such as thin skin base, full lace base, lace front base, etc. Their lifespan is about 3-4 weeks with proper care. We highly recommend our thin skin stock hair replacements; they look real and are very comfortable for daily wear. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. What’s more, if you register an account and place your order through the website, you will get reward points, which can be used as money in turn. So the more you order through the website, the more reward points you get, and the more money you can save.

You can pick out your favourite male hair replacement from our stock toupees by clicking the following link.

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