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    3 Types of Skin Base Hairpieces

    Customers love skin base hairpieces for many reasons: they attach easily, they are easily adjusted into any size and the transparent skin base has a very natural look and feel. Skin base hairpieces come in three types: normal split knotted hair, V-looped hair and Injected hair.

    Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you choose the most suitable hair replacement system.

    Skin base with normal split knotted hair:

    This is one of the more traditional hairpieces. In this system, hair is ventilated into the skin base and then tied with a small knot. There are knots on the base, but they are small and discreet. This hairpiece is the most durable of these three types of skin base hairpieces; the hair feels great and is easily styled in any direction.

    Skin base with V-looped hair:

    Hair is ventilated into the base and pulled back through the skin base; the attached hair forms a ”V” shape on the skin base, without any knots. In this system, hair is fixed by a PU coating on the bottom of the skin base after ventilation, giving a very natural look. In this system, hair is voluminous and very easy to style or comb in the desired direction. However, the lifespan is shorter than that of the knotted system and can only support up to medium density. If hair is too dense the chances of hair loss are greater. If the client prefers voluminous hair and places less importance on durability and density then V-looped hair is the best choice.


    Skin base with Injected hair:

    The strands are injected into the skin base but not pulled back through, forming a ”l” on the skin base. Roots are then ironed into the bottom of the skin base to fix the hair in place. This looks natural, like a single hair growing from the skin base with no knots. Injected hair is flat as the hair root is ironed into the skin base at an angle. The hair is not easily combed in any direction. If you cut your hair very short and comb it forward, injected hair is your best choice. If you like voluminous hair, the best choice is V-looped hair or knotted hair. The life span of injected hair is longer than V-looped hair, but a little shorter than knotted hair and it does not support more than medium density hair.



    We hope the information above is helpful.




    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email: info@lordhair.com