In lace hair systems, the individual hairs are attached to the lace material with knots. In dark color hair systems, the small knots give a dotted appearance, ruining the illusion that it is your own hair. Lightening with bleach helps to camouflage them to a degree, so the look will be more natural. That’s the reason why bleach knots are so popular.


Should I choose bleach knots? That’s a question many people ask. Below are a few tips that may help you to make a decision.


Only for Lace

Bleach knots are great, but are only available with lace materials: French lace, Swiss lace, mono lace (also called fine welded mono).  Other base materials, like thin skin, bleach knots are not suitable.


Hair Colors

If your hair color is really light brown or blonde, bleach knots may not make a big difference. If your hair color is #1 jet black, it cannot be bleached, because it’s too dark. Bleach knots are most effective on brown hair colors over lighter hair.



Bleach knots are NOT recommended for people with dark complexions. The bleach knots look white or yellowish, which will contrast against the dark complexion and become noticeable.



While bleach knots gives a more natural look, they also has downsides. The bleaching process requires chemicals, which affects the quality of the hair, taking the form of easy breakage. Once the hair breaks, the hair system will shed quickly. So bleach knots for the whole unit is not recommended. A hair system with bleach knots all over is disposable. If you don’t mind the short lifespan but attach more importance to the natural appearance, bleach knots all over will be fine.


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