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    Exploring the Rugby Hairstyles of France 2023


    Hairstyles have always played a unique role in the world of sports, offering a canvas for athletes to express themselves both on and off the field.

    Being a hair replacement system manufacturer and supplier and part of the wider hair industry means lordhair - a global supplier of men’s hairpieces - is constantly intrigued by the ever-evolving world of hairstyles. Currently, all eyes are fixated on the highly anticipated 2023 Rugby World Cup as it reaches its climax with a mouthwatering clash between New Zealand and South Africa this weekend. This global sporting event not only showcases the pinnacle of rugby talent but also serves as a captivating platform for observing the diverse and often trendsetting hairstyles of the players on the field.


    Need an introduction to hair systems? We've got you covered!


    Tournaments like the Rugby World Cup have become synonymous with showcasing not just athletic prowess but also unique personal styles. From mohawks to dreadlocks, buzzcuts to mullets, rugby player hairstyles have made headlines and inspired trends around the world. We are sure that fans and professionals in the hair industry eagerly watch these events to spot the latest hairstyle trends and draw inspiration for their clients.

    Without further ado, allow us to introduce some of the hairstyles from this year's Rugby World Cup that have caught our eye.



    Jonathan Taumateine, Samoa

    Scrum-half, Jonathan Taumateine is a talented rugby player who represented Samoa in this year's Rugby World Cup.

    You can't help but notice the striking rugby hairstyle of Jonathan Taumateine, who hails from Samoa. His distinctive look combines blonde coloring with a mullet, making it one of the standout haircuts of the tournament. His mullet is an elaborate hairstyle that is characterized by short hair at the front and sides of the head and longer hair at the back which can vary in length.

    The resurgence of the modern mullet is no random occurrence either. Its revival has been anticipated for some time, primarily through the viral videos of young men flaunting their hairstyles on TikTok.


    Jonathan Taumateine with his blonde mullet at France 2023


    Buzz Cut

    Owen Farrell, England

    In stark contrast to Jonathan Taumanteine, England's captain and fly-half, Owen Farrell made a much more understated choice for the World Cup tournament by adopting a buzzcut hairstyle.

    A buzzcut is a very short haircut characterized by closely cropped or shaved hair all over the head. It's a simple and low-maintenance hairstyle that typically requires the use of clippers with different guard lengths to achieve the desired level of shortness.

    In terms of hairstyles for a hair systems (also commonly known as men’s human hair wigs, hair toupees, hair units, and men’s hairpieces), opting for a buzzcut toupee wouldn't be advisable, as it would somewhat negate the purpose of wearing a hair system. That is to say, men choose to have hair again to be able to style it or simply run their fingers through it. Plus, going too short with your hairstyle risks unnecessarily exposing the hair system base and making a natural blend with your own hair trickier.


    Owen Farrell profile photo for France 2023


    Afro High Top

    Siya Kolisi, South Africa

    Siya Kolisi currently holds the esteemed position of captain for the Springboks, making history as the first black player to achieve this distinction. He wears the No. 6 shirt in his position as blindside flanker.

    Kolisi has maintained his distinct Afro high-top hairstyle for this World Cup. This particular style is characterized by the hair being grown out into a rounded, dome-like shape, while the sides and back are usually kept shorter or even shaved.

    In case you were wondering, we offer hair systems with Afro hair too.


    Siya Kolisi communicating mid-match

    Siya Kolisi 2022 by Stefano Delfrate is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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    Shōta Horie, Japan

    Shōta Horie is the hooker for the Japanese national team.

    He boasts a unique style with his mid-length dreadlocks that come into their own during the game. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle characterized by long, matted, and twisted strands of hair. Dreadlocks are created by allowing hair to naturally mat and coil over time, or they can be intentionally formed by twisting or backcombing sections of hair.


    Shota Horie profile shot for France 2023



    RG Snyman, South Africa

    The South African player primarily plays as a lock in the team but with his easily recognisable mohawk hairstyle and a rugged, thick beard, RG Snyman could easily pass for a formidable warrior straight out of the Viking Age. It's no wonder his nickname is ... Viking!

    His mohawk is a bold hairstyle characterized by a strip of hair, usually longer and upright, running down the center of the scalp, while the sides are typically shaved or closely cropped. This style creates a striking contrast between the central strip and the bare sides, giving it a unique and edgy appearance.

    By the way, this is not a suitable hairstyle for a hair system - a faux hawk, yes, but not a mohawk!


    RG Snyman in action against Scotland at RWC 2023


    Skullet (Bald with Mullet)

    Esteban Inostroza, Chile

    A top contender for the most outlandish haircut of the tournament, Chilean rugby pillar Esteban Inostroza who plays as a prop, has certainly made a lasting impression. With a bald crown and flowing locks cascading from his ears, his signature hairstyle has been his trademark since 2017.

    His striking hairstyle is a unique blend of characteristics, featuring a bald or closely shaved crown on the top of his head, combined with a mullet at the back. This mullet showcases longer strands of hair that cascade down the neck, creating a noticeable and bold contrast in length, ranging from just slightly longer than the top to several inches, making it an attention-grabbing and distinctive fashion choice.


    Esteban Inostroza profile shot for France 2023


    2023 Rugby World Cup Hairstyles: Conclusion

    The 2023 Rugby World Cup has not only been a thrilling display of rugby prowess but also a captivating showcase of the latest and most diverse hairstyles in the world of sports. The players on the field have made their mark not just with their athletic talents but also with their unique and trendsetting hairdos.

    For those of you interested in hair systems that can replicate some of the hairstyles mentioned above, you will be pleased to know that you can still engage in physical activities such as swimming and other sports while wearing a hair system. That includes rugby although we would strongly recommend that you wear a scrum cap. Lordhair also offers a pre-cutting and styling service as well as a collection of pre-cut men's hairpieces.

    If you’ve been influenced by the rugby hairstyles on display from this year's World Cup and you’re looking at all the styling options you would have with a hair system, reaching out to us is easy and convenient. You can get in touch with us through our dedicated email address at support@lordhair.com or explore any of the contact methods provided below.