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    Roz Purcell's Alopecia Hair Recovery Secret Is Out


    Stress affects almost everyone in this world and greatly impacts the state of mind. For some, however, it manifests as physical symptoms and leads to health complications. The same is true for Roz Purcell, the renowned Irish model and cookbook author. The influencer has been fighting a long battle with stress-induced alopecia and has developed multiple bald patches in the past. 

    Thankfully, Roz Purcell took timely action and started a remarkable journey towards hair regrowth, offering a glimmer of hope to those experiencing similar challenges.

    Since we don’t like to miss the opportunity to share good hair news, Lordhair - trusted globally for women's wigs and hair toupees - decided to share Roz Purcell's approach to preventing hair loss caused due to stress. Read on!


    Roz Purcell's Hair Loss Cause

    Roz Purcell's battle with hair loss started during the first COVID-19 lockdown. The onset of the pandemic lockdowns imposed immense stress on individuals worldwide. For Roz Purcell, this stress manifested physically in the form of a bald patch on her scalp. 

    Purcell acknowledged the impact of stress on her hair health, recognizing the connection between her emotional state and the physical symptoms she was experiencing. This awareness was a crucial first step in her journey towards recovery.


    roz purcell hair loss


    Roz Purcell’s Hair Recovery 

    To combat hair loss and promote regrowth, Roz Purcell adopted a rigorous hair care routine. Her commitment to nurturing her hair included regular salon visits. The visits were facilitated by reputed hairstylist Ceira Lambert and this played a pivotal role in helping her achieve healthy locks once again.

    Roz Purcell also underwent a treatment that involved receiving steroid injections to address the bald patch on her head, which was caused by alopecia areata. She provided an update on her progress through her Instagram stories, allowing her fans and followers to stay informed about her journey towards hair regrowth and recovery.

    For those who don't know, steroid injections are a common and effective treatment option for alopecia areata, a condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, leading to hair loss. The steroids used in these injections help suppress the immune response at the site of the bald patch, allowing the hair follicles to recover and regrow.

    During a recent interview, the entrepreneur said: 


    ‘"I didn’t realize how much value I put on my hair until I got alopecia"


    This underlines the importance of hair in the eyes of women. And we are sure millions of men will agree to this.  


    Opening Up About Hair Loss

    Purcell's decision to talk about her hair loss and recovery on her Instagram Stories is a major step towards undoing the taboo around women’s hair loss. By doing so, she is creating awareness about alopecia areata and the available treatment options.

    However, it is important to emphasize that the effectiveness of treatments for hair loss, including steroid injections for alopecia areata, can vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience significant hair regrowth, while others may see modest improvements or, in some cases, no improvement at all. 

    For women witnessing no signs of improvement, we recommend hair integration systems and full cap toppers. For men with big bald patches, we recommend hair systems (also known as men’s human hair wigs, hairpieces, and hair replacement systems) to achieve a full head of hair. For those who don’t know, these are non-surgical options that provide immediate recovery from thinning hair and bald spots. 

    Designed using high-quality base and human hair, hair systems mimic the appearance, texture, and feel of natural hair. 


    roz purcell alopecia


    Get a Full Head of Hair with Lordhair

    Roz Purcell's revelation of hair regrowth after a stress-induced bald patch serves as a powerful reminder of the mind-body connection and the profound impact that stress can have on our physical health. If you notice a bald patch on the head like Roz Purcell, we recommend consulting a dermatologist to get started on the path of recovery. If your bald patch is big, we recommend considering hair systems to aid recovery. 

    If you still have any queries or concerns, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.