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    New Treatment Helps Limit Hair Damage from Chemotherapy

    According to trichologists, it is normal to shed around 100 strands every day. However, if cancer followed by chemotherapy comes knocking on the door, chronic hair loss is almost unavoidable. Both men and women have reported severe hair loss as one of the most worrying side effects of cancer treatment. Thankfully, hope is around the corner.  

    According to Pharmacy Times, around 65% of individuals who undergo chemotherapy experience chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Earlier, there wasn’t any way to prevent chemo hair loss but thanks to the advancements made by science, a new procedure has come up to help cancer patients with hair loss. 

    Cold caps for chemo hair loss 

    Cold caps are the medical devices that are being hailed to limit hair damage caused by chemotherapy treatment. The hair success story of Alana Doctor was shared by CBS Evening News. She discovered a lump in her breast when she was seven months pregnant with her third child. 


    At first, she thought it was normal but after undergoing a biopsy - a procedure in which a piece of tissue is taken from the body for testing, she discovered that she had breast cancer. 

    Alana Doctor was worried about how her two sons, 5 and 8 years old, will react when they discover her condition. She was losing all hope when her oncologist, Dr. Philomena McAndrew told her that she could possibly save some of her hair with the help of cold caps. 

    Dr. McAndrew wanted her patient to have her dignity and quality of life throughout the treatment. Talking about the cancer hair recovery treatment, Mc Andrew said:


    “The process starts with a patient putting on a tight frozen cap before chemo. They then leave it on during the treatment and for 30 minutes after, freezing the scalp in an attempt to stop the chemo from traveling to the hair follicles,” she said. 



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    Cancer hair cap cost and other options

    According to our findings, you have to pay about US$500 for the cap rental. What’s more, you have to pay another US$1000 to have someone do the caps for you. Think it’s too much? Some insurance policies are prepared to foot the bill for ice caps for cancer hair loss. 

    Too late to put a full stop to hair loss and recovery might take a lot of time? Don’t worry, you can still get a head full of hair and that too at an affordable price. We are talking about medical wigs. Our premium medical wigs for women are designed to be as lightweight, comfortable, and soft as they are natural-looking. 

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    What do you think about this new treatment for limiting hair damage caused by chemotherapy? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 

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