Lordhair never stops researching and developing new products. We are excited to tell you that our new product ICON has just launched, only needs $189. Below are some features to make you scream with excitement.


Breathable and Undetectable Base

ICON is designed with a super fine welded mono base. Super fine welded mono is more durable than French lace and Swiss lace, but looks just as natural. The base is totally undetectable. Super fine welded mono is breathable so people living in a hot climate can enjoy comfort with ICON.



Single Strand Single Knotted Hair

Single strand single knotted hair is used for the whole system. This is ICON’s greatest feature because the knots look extremely small.



Bleach Knots All Over

ICON has bleach knots all over. After being bleached, the small knots are absolutely invisible. There is an exception. Bleach knots are not available with hair color #1. Even so, the knots are still undetectable because they are so small.



Easy to Attach

ICON is easy to attach like our lace hair systems. A roll of tape will be enough. To make it easy you can use a contour tape in the front.


Now our stock ICON is available in colors #1 jet black, #1B off black and #2 dark brown. New product, limited availability. Please Don’t miss it!



Why Lordhair?

Lordhair is a leading hair toupees and wigs brand that helps men and women recover from hair loss and experiment with styling. Our non surgical hair replacement systems have gained unmatched popularity for following reasons:

  1. Undetectable and natural looking hair systems 
  2. Huge catalog of hair systems and wigs 
  3. 30-day money back guarantee 
  4. Free worldwide shipping 
  5. Promise of 100% real human hair 
  6. Completely customizable hair systems 

While men across the globe bring back their lost confidence with hair piece toupees, women use our collection of wigs for hair gain and styling.  

With almost 2 decades of experience in the hair wig industry, Lordhair is way ahead of its competitors in terms of product variety, design technology, shipping, and support. 

Check out our extensive range of wigs for men and women to discover unique products for hair recovery and styling.