NEW Lordhair Perm Service for Man Weave Toupees



Do you have curly or Afro hair, but don’t want to wait for a custom manweave?


Many manweave wearers can actually go for a stock hairpiece and get it cut and styled at the salon or stick on and style themsevles. Most stock manweaves have a slight wave, and not anything more curly. Previously, this required a custom man weave toupee. NO LONGER!


What about specific hair needs?

Not to worry! In May 2022, Lordhair has started offering an in-house perming service on all stock hair systems (permitted the base type is suitable for the perm level).

If you have incredibly curly hair, or Afro-hair, you no longer need to wait 2-3 months for a custom piece.

You can add ONLY 2-3 days to the order time and get it in just over a week.

Got any questions about the perm service? Get in touch with your customer service representative who will help you place your order. 




lordhair perm service



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