2019 is here and it’s time for men to style up their hair. Coloring is the easiest way to experiment with looks but it’s also the easiest way to mess it up since not everything colorful will look good on our head.  


Lordhair is here to guide you about the latest color trends of this year to help groom your personality and make you stand out in the crowd. Our trending hair coloring guide and ideas can also be tried on custom hair systems! So, if you wear a wig, get it colored to match the current fashion and style trends.


Color your hair with these ideas below and make the ultimate fashion statement in 2019!


Platinum waves


Are you a t-shirt kind of guy? If yes, this hair color is for you. Bring your favorite anime hair color into the real world by coloring your hair in platinum waves this spring. Get some big, forward-pointing, patchy spikes and give your hair a unique color and look in 2019.




Hello party folks! For men who dare to be different, this hair color idea is the best. So, make a bold statement with this trending hairstyle in 2019. Keep medium-length hair on top and have a mixture of bright colors and lines on both sides of your skull to give yourself a makeover! Try violet, green, cyan and see the magic!



Trendy ash grey


Want to try something different? Go for the ash color. It goes great with white tees and blue jeans. Even if you wear a plain shirt, it brings out the fun factor in you. This color is meant for men who are outgoing and happening. Be the trendsetter this season by following these Lordhair tips for trendy hairstyles. Stay strong because our hair color guide is pretty long!



Turquoise and blue


Inspired by video games and anime characters, this is a unique hair color idea for men. This edgy look will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It is a flexible hair color style. The blend of hair color allows you to switch between hairstyles whenever you want. Get two for the price for one! It really is a revolutionary hair color for trendy men this fall.


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Smoky grey curls


A game changer! This hair color tip requires your hair to be bleached and toned into a grey, smoky color. It is a technical process and requires patience but the end result is fabulous. This trendy hair color is rugged and goes best with stubble or a beard.



Edgy brownish grey


Brown never goes out of fashion; it lasts forever. Write your personality all over your hair by choosing this hair color. This clean men’s hairstyle in our hair color guide for men lasts for almost three weeks. Give your hair a golden spray on top and keep it natural beneath. Look, someone is checking you out!


Copper brown


This trendy hair color is for men with a warm skin tone. If your hair is naturally curly, this hair color style will suit you the most. Your 2019’s top hair color choice will turn heads for sure. Why not give it a try then? Give your hair a makeover this spring with this exclusive hair color tip.


Neutral dark blonde


The next hair color is very much in fashion nowadays: slightly longer on the top and shorter on the sides. This cool hair color is best suited for fairer-skinned men. If you have dark brown eyes, this trendy hair color is definitely for you. Visit a salon and pump up your personality now.


Golden highlights


Hair colors and no highlights? Not possible! This hair color never goes out of fashion. No matter what your complexion, anyone can try this unique hair color style. This color technique gives your hair a new look and also retains its original texture. Those with straight hair should definitely go for this unique hair color trend for men.


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Colour melt


Guys, this hair color is especially for our metalhead buddies. If you have long hair and want to give yourself a phenomenally trendy look, you can surely go for a color melt. It also works if you have curls. It can be orange, blonde or even black.


Our hair color guide and recommendations end here but we still have some tips to share with you!

Excited to get a new hair color? Remember the points below before getting your hair colored. We will also share some after-coloring care tips!

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Before-coloring tips & ideas


  • Look for various hair colour ideas. It will help you choose your hair colour.
  • Get your hair coloured from a professional, so do your research in advance.
  • Bring in the photo of the look you want to get and ease the colouring job
  • Not sure about hair color style? Bring your colourist the hairstyles images that you don’t want.
  • Hydrate your hair a day before colouring by covering your strands in hair mask.


Now that we have listed out the best before-color tips, we will guide you what to do after getting your favorite hair color!


Post color guide


  • After hair colouring, change your shampoo and conditioner
  • Use UV protection sprays for tackling sun damage
  • Before hopping in a pool, soak your hair in tap water


 Using a synthetic hair system? Here are some hair system care tips especially for you.


Experiment with the latest color trends and spread your charm wherever you go. Hair is a big part of our personality and it, therefore, makes perfect sense to color and style it to look unique. Even if you don’t have real hair, color your hair system to score in fashion.


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