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    Male to Female Transition: Effect of Hormones on Hair Growth?

    Male to female transition therapy or estrogen hormone therapy is a treatment that many people receive to suppress masculine traits while inducing feminine traits. Those who undergo this treatment receive medication to block testosterone effects. When the estrogen produces in excessive amounts, it will cause many body changes, including physical, mental, and emotional. Therefore, it will affect the appearance and hair.

    • Estrogen: it is the primary female hormone involved in carrying out physical as well as emotional transition. The increased estrogen enhances the hair on the head, allowing men to look more feminine.
    • Testosterone blocker: testosterone is the male hormone known as androgen. It is the class of hormones responsible for promoting hair growth at the chest and face and developing masculine features. In male to female transition therapy, testosterone blockers are used to minimize the hair growth on the face and chest. However, the hair does not completely stop growing.
    • Progesterone: it is also a partial blocker of testosterone. It balances the female hormone to make required changes in the body. It regulates the hair growth process.

    Change in Appearance of Hair
    After undergoing male to female transition therapy or estrogen therapy, the person can witness visible changes in the body, including physical, sexual, and emotional changes, including appearance and hair growth. Due to hormonal changes, a person can witness increased hair growth to give long hair creating a more feminine look. Moreover, in the chest and facial area, the hairs stop growing but do not vanish entirely.

    People who are not happy with their gender undergo MTF therapy. It induces a feminine character due to hormonal changes. Moreover, it affects hair growth as estrogen can promote growth. However, some people have experienced hair thinning and hair loss after the procedure.

    Many of our trans males and females all benefit from wearing hair systems.