Is There a Lordhair Salon near Me?


Is There a Lordhair Salon near Me?


We are able to bring our Lordhair hair replacement systems right to your doorstep but sometimes that is not enough. Many of you ask if there is a Lordhair salon near you and whilst we have no physical location (aside from our office in Qingdao, China) we are affiliated with several salons around the world.


Hair system salons we work with

hair system salon near me

Some customers prefer to remain reliant on the services of a salon for every aspect of their hair replacement system but others discover us because they want to be more independent or they learn that sourcing your own hair systems works out cheaper. Customers can quickly master hair system DIY and in time, become experts in attaching, removing and maintaining their hair systems. Cutting hair, however, is often another matter. That’s skilled work! It’s particularly important when you’re trying to ensure you get the best possible blend between your own hair and the hair of your hair system.


Whilst we do offer our own haircut service meaning you can have a hair system that is ready to wear the moment you receive it, many will understandably prefer to go to a salon or barber’s to have their hair systems cut in and styled. Getting your hair cut is a pleasant, relaxing experience after all and isn’t part of having hair again, being able to have a hair routine once again?


We work with salons in several countries with the majority being in the US which is where most of our customers are from. Be sure to scroll down our entire affiliated salon page as you will also see salons in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, SpainPortugal and the UK.


You can expect all these salons to offer similar services such as consultations, base cutting, attachment, cut-ins and maintenance. Some may even offer a discount for being a Lordhair customer!


Lordhair customers use these salons so you can be sure you are going to a place that can meet all your hair system needs!


hair system salon near me

The Cellar Salon in downtown Toronto, Canada, is run by our collaborator, Aaron O’Bryan. Details on our salon page.

Can you recommend a salon near you?

We realize the world is a big place but hopefully, there is an affiliated Lordhair salon near you! We would also love for you to recommend your local salon or any salon that you know of as we are always looking to expand the number of salons we work to bring the Lordhair hair system experience to as many people as possible wherever they are in the world. Let us know at



If you are struggling to find a suitable salon near you then remember we can always cut and style your hair before shipment



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Hi James Could you please email us at and we'll let you know? LordhairAug 23, 2022
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