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    Hair Loss Stories from March: McConaughey’s Recovery, Jada Smith's Alopecia, and More

    Hair loss recovery is full of difficulties, uncertainty, and at its initial stage. While there is no dearth of hair loss treatments available in the market, millions of individuals still find it hard to decide which hair recovery treatment is best for them. Even celebrities with billions in the bank struggle with hair loss recovery and acceptance.

    That’s why Lordhair - a leading non surgical hair replacement brand – decided to share the latest hair loss and recovery stories of the rich and famous of the world. This month, we bring for you Matthew McConaughey and Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Let’s get started!

    mcconaughey hair loss



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    Matthew McConaughey Talks Hair Loss Recovery

    Mathew McConaughey - the Academy Award-winning American actor - admits that he has more hair now than he did a decade or two ago. Matthew McConaughey elucidated that he did not receive any kind of hair transplant to aid his recovery.

    To our surprise, he confessed that he has been rubbing a topical ointment into his scalp "once a day for 10 minutes" in an effort to regrow his hair. This revelation trashes the rumor that McConaughey had used hair transplant or hairpiece toupee to recover his lost hair.

    During the interview, McConaughey also outed a renowned doctor in Beverly Hills, California, who was taking credit for his hair recovery.


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