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    Injected Skin Hair Replacements

    Many customers like skin base hair replacements, because they look really natural and are very easy to tape and clean. However, customers find problems with the hair direction when the hair is cut too short. The hair root hair direction is as neat as a natural growing direction but has a "V" direction, which causes trouble for customers who want a short style and a neat hair direction. This is because most skin base hair replacements are made with split knots, which has one hair in one direction and the other hair not in an opposite direction, but in a slightly different direction.
    We are not saying that split knots aren't great. It is a very good knot type and it is the most widely used knot type on skin bases. Most of the time, splits knots meet customer needs, because hair lifts naturally this way. But for customers who like very short hair, split knots might cause problems. If you happen to have this problem, don't worry, we have a good solution: Injected Skin Hair Replacements.

    Injected hair on a skin base has very good hair direction. It doesn't have return hair, so no split hair. It doesn't have any knots on the base. So the injected hair is just like your own hair growing from you own skin. It looks super natural even if you have your hair cut very short. The injected hair replacement cannot easily have its direction changed, which is a limitation. But for the customers which don't want to cut their hair short and don't want to change hair style often, injected skin hair replacements are really a very good choice.

    Here are some photos to see the difference of root direction between split knot and injected hair on skin bases:

    Some customers also find that on the right side of the skin hair replacements the direction is not as good as on the left side. We have one customer who wrote us: "I've been wearing Hair systems for the past 10 years but they always bulge on the right side... just over the right ear. The LEFT-SIDE is always perfect... Sits and combs really well....No one so far got this right for me.... I would love to go and show the hair technician how well the hair looks on one side and ask them to do it exactly the same on the other... I can't understand why this hasn't been corrected???" We understand the problem and explained to him why this problem is not easily resolved. Most of the factories use splits knots on skin bases and most of the ventilating workers are right-handed. That's why. I suggested injected hair to him. He agreed to try an Injected Skin Hair Replacement after hearing my explanation. Problem solved and he changed to injected skin hair replacements instead of split knots from then on. Have you met with the same problem? Consider testing Injected Skin Hair! 
    Normal skin units with split knots and injected skin units are different, you can't say one is better than the other as they have different strong points. Hope this article helps customers choose the right hair model which fits them perfectly. 

    Here you can find more choices of skin hair replacements: https://www.lordhair.com/mens-hair-systems/skin-hair-systems.html
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email:  support@lordhair.com.