2021 “Twin” Injected Men’s Hair Systems at Lordhair


2021 “Twin” Injected Men’s Hair Systems at Lordhair

In the wake of the arrival of 2021, Lordhair launched two men’s injected hair systems that exploded into popularity winning the hearts of thousands of hair system wearers. The design of both hair systems is spoken highly of in the global men’s hair system market for being extremely practical and innovative. So what is it about them that manages to draw the adoration of our customers? And what exactly can you expect from wearing the systems?


Just as how similar they sound, the Inception-L and Inception-FL are similar in a great number of ways. Unlike many other men’s hair systems with traditional knotting methods such as single knotting and double knotting, both hair systems adopted a super undetectable hair ventilation method called hair injection. This method works by having every single hair injected in to the thin skin base for the sole purpose of presenting an appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. So it is not hard to imagine how natural-looking and undetectable your hair system would appear looking from all the angles.

 men's hairpiece

Inception-FL translucent injected thin skin attached with French lace and diamond lace men's hair system

The Base

As some of you might have noticed, aside from the thin skin, there are other things that make up the hair system base. Yes, both sides of the thin skin base got attached with two different lace patches playing different roles. The top side of the base is attached with the traditional French lace patch to solidify the hair roots, thus achieving a longer lifespan of the hair system. As opposed to the top side, the bottom side of the skin base is instead attached with another type of lace material that feels extremely smooth and soft called diamond lace, to guarantee maximum comfort for your scalp.

The last thing they have in common is that there is a small number of punched holes scattered around the base to give the wearers a more breathable feeling, which is highly favorable to those living a sporty lifestyle with frequent sweating.

men's hairpiece

Inception-L  Injected thin skin men’s hairpiece

After being acquainted with all the similarities, you must be more curious about how they differ. The only difference is Inception-FL has a layer of French lace adopted at the front, which is specifically dedicated to those who are passionate about hairstyles that go with a fully exposed front hairline, given the French lace appears relatively more undetectable than thin skin!

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