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    I Fulfilled My Objective with a Full Head of Hair


    I panicked when I had to do something about losing my hair


    My objective in finding a remedy for my hair loss was to stop my current hair from shedding and replacing the hair that had already been lost. How was I going to do this? And, at that moment, my hair loss wasn’t even advanced as it is now. I went on to the internet and ordered medication from India – BIG MISTAKE (this is a story for another time!). I took the medication and stopped and needed something else, so looked at the head massage therapist. I didn’t opt for this remedy as there was not a lot of evidence around the efficacy of head massage and hair loss. During all of these agonising times, my objective never changed and remained as strong as ever.


    During all of my research in my earlier years I never once thought about hair replacement systems as they were just wigs to me and I didn’t want to wear a wig. The thought of it made me feel worse. Little did I know that the hair replacement system would have fulfilled my objective. Even up to now, when I hear the word wig, I cringe, however, it was important for me to look at the difference between a hair system and a wig. There is a huge difference, and I don’t wear a wig. I would wear a wig at a fancy dress party, my actor friends wear wigs on stage, and my drag queen friends in London’s LGBTQ+ scene wear different coloured wigs on stage when they play different characters. I wear a hair system, which in my opinion is an extension of my beauty regime. Likewise, I apply moisturiser to my skin every day, I apply my hair system to my scalp every 2-3 weeks.



    What I discovered about hair transplants


    Furthermore, I spent a few years fantasising about getting a hair transplant and spent hours each day looking at photo diaries of men who have undergone transplants. In the back of my mind, I still wasn’t convinced it was the option for me as there was something that wasn’t fulfilling my objective. I noticed hair transplant patients were creating impeccable hairlines which, for me, provides the illusion of a full head of hair as the eye is drawn to the front of the head and then the eye skims the rest of the head – in a nutshell, we might be paying more attention to the hairline and not so much what's going on after the hairline. I realised I could get an impeccable hairline with a hair transplant, but the rest of the scalp would not be as full as the hairline. Not only that, but I heard a lot of men talk about the need to go back to have a follow-up session, and it just didn’t make sense to me as I could visually see with evident photos that the hair growing back was not dense.


    I went with the safer option


    The only way I was going to achieve my objective (without taking harmful medications) was through a hair system. It was a safer option and a fraction of the cost. It was a winner for me. I put all my doubts aside and when I first saw the hair system I was extremely impressed and so excited. I was fascinated at the quality as it naturally blended in with my own hair, and I recall thinking I should have saved all of those years of unnecessary agony.