How to Use Hair Tape


Some customers are used to fixing their hair replacements with liquid glue, while some prefer using tape. We often receive questions from customers about how to use tapes because they have never used tapes before.

Hair tape is not only easier to work with than glue, but it may also be preferable because it's more easily removed from your hair than glue residue. Learning how to use hair tape is also easy, another reason you may prefer to use it over glue.

Firstly, lay your replacement on a table with the top of the piece (hair side) face down. Brush any hair away from the edges of the interior skull cap. The skull cap is what your hair system is attached to.

Secondly, cut the hair tape into small pieces and press them along the edge of the skull cap so that the pieces of tape overlap slightly but don't extend it beyond the skull cap material. Make sure you peel the wax-paper strip off of the backside of the tape before pressing it into place. This tape works like any other kind of double-sided tape (one side is covered in a wax-paper strip so it won't stick to itself on the roll).

Thirdly, make sure the hair tape you've purchased is capable of supporting the replacement for the length of time you want to wear the hair. Lordhair has tapes that can support the replacement for a long time.

Lastly, place the replacement on your head. Be careful not to let any of the hair from the replacement get under the skull cap and between the tape and your scalp. Press firmly along the edge of the replacement to attach it to your scalp.

Now, you hair replacement should be well fixed on your head.



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