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    How to Stop Alopecia Areata from Spreading: 8 Useful Ways to Consider


    Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss typically in round or oval patches on the scalp. Known to affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities, it occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles.

    A lot of men and women don’t know how to stop alopecia areata from spreading. As a result, they experience significant hair loss before seeking treatment. We hate when that happens and are here to help!

    In this blog, Lordhair - trusted globally for hair systems - will share 8 different ways to stop alopecia areata from spreading. These methods include medical treatments, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies that can be used to effectively manage the condition and promote hair growth. 


    How to Stop Alopecia Areata from Spreading? 

    The following are some of the best ways to manage and treat this autoimmune condition known as alopecia: 


    #1 Anti-inflammatory diet 

    As we said earlier, alopecia areata is caused by an autoimmune response in which the immune system attacks hair follicles. Leading hair experts say that this often leads to inflammation, which sometimes becomes the reason for hair loss. Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet may help to reduce the autoimmune response and promote healthy hair growth. 

    Include these foods in your diet in order to stop hair loss caused by alopecia areata: 


    • Fruits: Berries (including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries), cherries, oranges, grapes, apples, and pomegranates 

    • Vegetables: Leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes

    • Whole grains: Oats, brown rice, barley, and whole wheat bread

    • Nuts and seeds: Almonds and walnuts 

    • Fatty fish: Salmon, tuna, and mackerel


    These anti-inflammatory foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which can help in managing alopecia areata. 


    Stop alopecia areat from spreading


    #2 Phototherapy 

    For those who don’t know, phototherapy is a treatment that uses light to reduce inflammation caused by alopecia areata and stimulate hair growth. Although there are different types of phototherapy out there, dermatologists recommend undergoing PUVA therapy which involves exposing the scalp to UVA light after intake of specific medications. 

    Medications make the skin sensitive to UVA light so that it can penetrate deeper into the scalp and stimulate hair growth. While it can be an effective treatment for stopping alopecia areata from spreading, it does come with its share of side effects including skin damage and a high risk of skin cancer. 


    #3 Daily supplements 

    Certain supplements can also be helpful in stopping alopecia areata from spreading all over the scalp. For instance, biotin - a supplement of vitamin B7 - can help in improving the thickness and quality of hair. Similarly, supplements like iron, zinc, and vitamin D are also important for overall strands health. 

    Iron supplements improve the production of hemoglobin by carrying oxygen to cells throughout the body including hair follicles. Zinc, on the other hand, is crucial for the growth and maintenance of hair filaments as well as for better immune function. 

    Vitamin D not only promotes the absorption of calcium and other nutrients but also possesses remarkable anti-inflammatory effects, helping prevent hair loss linked to alopecia areata. 


    Learn how to repair damaged hair at home


    #4 Medications 

    Different types of medications are prescribed to help men and women manage alopecia areata and prevent it from spreading. They work in different ways to promote hair growth and reduce inflammation on the scalp. 

    While some widen the blood vessels in the scalp, increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulating the cells within them to produce hair, others suppress the immune system attack on follicles and prolong the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle. 

    However, not all people with alopecia areata respond to these medications. Put simply, the effectiveness may vary from person to person. 


    #5 Stress-relievers 

    You will be surprised to know that alopecia areata can also be triggered by physical, emotional, or psychological stress. While the exact relationship between these is not fully understood, scientists believe that stress may disrupt the immune system’s normal functioning and trigger an autoimmune response that attacks the hair follicles. 

    Stress relievers such as exercise, mindful meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help men and women reduce levels of stress and anxiety which in turn, may help in stopping the alopecia areata from spreading. Talking to a mental health professional can also help address underlying stress. 


    how to stop alopecia areata from spreading


    #6 Laser therapy 

    An up-and-coming treatment to stop alopecia areata from spreading, laser hair growth therapy involves the use of low-level lasers to promote blood circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth. Also called red light therapy and cold laser therapy, this hair recovery treatment involves pointing a device that emits low-level laser on affected areas of the scalp. 

    The device perforates the scalp and irradiates photons into its tissues. Although laser therapy for alopecia areata is non-invasive and painless, it may cause acne, redness, mild headache, and itchiness.  


    #7 Hair systems 

    While the aforementioned treatments have reported good results in stopping alopecia areata from spreading, there is no guarantee that they will do wonders for you. This is especially true if the condition is not addressed in a timely manner. In such cases, using hair systems will be a viable option for men and women with visible bald spots and aggressive hair shedding. 

    Also called modern-day wigs, toupees, toppers, and hairpieces, hair systems are non-surgical hair recovery solutions with no side effects. Designed using real human hair hand-woven onto a base made of premium materials, hair systems are comfortable, durable, long-lasting, and blend easily with real scalp skin to deliver a hyper-realistic look, movement, and appeal. 

    Check out how amazing this man looks after wearing one of the best Lordhair non-surgical hair replacement systems:



    #8 Coconut oil 

    Our list would be considered incomplete without discussing this natural remedy. Coconut oil has been used in different cultures as a hair treatment for centuries due to its potential to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. It comprises lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids that penetrate the hair shaft and strengthens it from within. 

    While there is no definitive scientific evidence to support the use of coconut for stopping alopecia from spreading, some individuals have reported positive results from using it as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments. 


    how to stop alopecia areata spread


    Stop Alopecia Areata from Spreading: Final Words 

    Above are some of the best procedures and ways to stop alopecia areata from spreading and promoting hair growth in 2023. Baldness caused by this autoimmune disorder can leave anyone in distress whether it occurs because of genetics, stress, hormones, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, or any other reason. 

    If your hair shedding is aggressive and bald spots on the scalp have grown bigger, we highly recommend buying a hair system. Lordhair manufactures and supplies a wide range of premium stock as well as custom hair units to more than 100 countries and provides a 30-day money-back warranty.

    Have any queries for us? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts. 



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