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    How to Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

    Seasonal hair loss, especially in spring and autumn, is a natural response to seasonal changes. Yet it’s reversible in most cases with simple remedies or care.


    Main causes of seasonal hair loss



    Spring and summer is the time when you expose yourself to the sun more than ever in the whole year. More exposure to sun results in less production of melatonin in the body. Pineal gland produces melatonin, the synthesis and release of which is triggered by darkness. In addition to regulating sleep patterns, melatonin also has properties to heal damages made to hair follicles.

    Less melatonin produced by body means hair follicles remain in their natural shedding state (resting phase) for more than amount of time resulting in more hair loss than usual.



    Some drugs are known to push more hairs from their growth stage to resting stage more rapidly. Some of the common drugs linked to bringing about this condition are: Retinoid used for acne treatment, beta-blockers, anti-depressants, anti-coagulants and some non-steroidal drugs.



    Stress is the most common and the most rigorous enemy of hair. Stress of course is not dictated by any one particular season, but the effect of stress during or just before spring or autumn is worse for the hair and results in more hair loss than usual. More stress during these seasons causes body to push its immune system to overdrive, which can lead the system’s self-defense agency, the white blood cells, to attack the body’s own hair follicles. Weakening of hair follicles results in increased loss of hair.

    Hair loss treatment

    While seasonal hair loss, including hair loss in spring and autumn, are bound by natural conditioning of the body to losing and rejuvenating hair growth, the hair loss can be curbed by adopting following measures:

    -Practicing yoga, exercise, sports and good sleeping patterns to reverse stress. This can prove out to be one of the best hair fall treatment.

    -Increasing iron content in the diet if your body shows iron deficiency. Meeting your bodily iron requirements can promote growth. Rich food sources of iron are green leafy vegetables like spinach, red meat, egg yolks.

    -With professional medical advice, taking lower dosages of medication to inhibit hair loss.


    -Taking doctor prescribed melatonin drugs that can be taken orally or through injection, to supplement melatonin insufficiency during summer or autumn.

    As suggested before, seasonal hair loss is a natural bodily phenomenon and doesn’t need to be worried about. If, however, you are experiencing extreme hair thinning or loss during spring or autumn or any other season, or you suspect you notice more hair falls than previous years, consulting your doctor is strongly recommended for there may be other underlying hair fall condition you may not be aware of.

    If you suffer from baldness and need a hair system, please feel free to contact us at support@lordhair.com. Lordhair is always ready to help.