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    How to Organize Hair System Toupee Salon Appointments

    How to Organize your Salon Appointments for Hair System Stylists

    Are you struggling to keep on top of your appointments and want a way to automate everything, leaving you to worry only about the cutting and styling hair systems and toupees?

    Taking advantage of the abundance of management tools and apps available in helping your schedule salon appointments is a no-brainer.

    Let us guide you through our top 2 picks, so you can concentrate on what’s important!

    1. Square (squareup.com)

    This is not only a scheduling app, it also has powerful functions allowing you to see your schedule at a glance on a calendar on the Square app, send auto-reminders to your clients, and you can even integrate a booking screen directly on your website, which will sync up directly with your calendar.

    And that is simply in the free version, the paid version has many more functions, including multiple locations and stylist management, etc.


    2. Fresha (fresha.com)

    This app allows you to view appointments in a calendar, and add an unlimited number of locations and stylists, all for FREE! You can also track your inventory of products (and yes, hair systems too) for free.

    Only with a paid version of this app can new customers discover you on the marketplace and make bookings directly with you.


    The best way to decide the best app for you is to download them all and have a play around with the free features before fully committing to one.

    Whichever one you pick will ultimately free up your time to concentrate on the other important things - satisfying your clients and providing exceptional styling and service!


    Are you looking for a reliable hair system toupee supplier? Supply your salon direct from Lordhair, an established brand known for it's quality and cost-effectiveness. Lordhair also works with salons in recommending customers to your salon for FREE. Get in touch today to find out more cooperation@lordhair.com.

    Purchase hair systems directly at Lordhair today!