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    How to Make Your Hair Thicker: 10 Useful Tips and Ideas for 2023


    Tired of thin, dull hair strands that lack volume and thickness? Well, you are not alone. Millions of men and women are dealing with thin hair for a variety of reasons including genes, hormonal changes, medications, hairstyles, and stressful events. The good news is that there are many ways to make hair thicker in 2023. 

    In this blog, Lordhair - trusted globally for toupee wigs -  will share a list of practical tips and ideas that are helping men and women achieve thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. 

    Are you ready to say GOODBYE to thin, lackluster hair and HELLO to a head full of thick, luscious locks? Let’s go! 


    How to Make Thin Hair Thicker in 2023?

    Here are tips and ideas to grow thicker and longer hair the right way: 


    #1 Eat smarter 

    You are what you eat. And when it comes to healthy thick hair, this couldn’t be more true. While genetics determines hair texture and curl, our diet plays a crucial role in how genes express themselves. Avoid eating junk foods as they are loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, and preservatives that weaken hair follicles which leads to hair thinning and even breakage. 

    Instead, consume healthy foods like salmon, avocados, nuts, green vegetables, and fruits to get hair-critical nutrients for stronger, thicker hair. 


    how to make your hair thicker


    #2 Use a thickening shampoo

    Have you ever thought of what chemicals are lurking in the regular shampoo bottles sitting on your shelf? Regular shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and synthetic colors that strip away natural oils from hair and make them thin, limp, and lifeless. To combat this, it is recommended to use thickening shampoos. 

    Formulated to add volume and texture to hair, these comprise ingredients like biotin, collagen, and keratin that help strengthen hair strands and promote healthy hair growth. Thickening shampoos can help you achieve fuller, thicker-looking hair that feels soft and nourished. 


    #3 Exfoliate scalp

    Doing all the right things but still struggling to make your thin hair thicker? Seems like the problem is hiding in your scalp. Dead skin cells, oil, and product buildup on the scalp can clog hair follicles and hinder hair growth over time, resulting in thinner hair. Exfoliate your scalp regularly to provide a natural lift for every strand. 

    Hair experts say that when we exfoliate the scalp, we scrub away most impurities and environmental buildup. This creates a fresh, clean surface that allows hair to move freely. Use a gentle scalp scrub or brush to massage the scalp in circular motions. This will promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. 

    Exfoliating the scalp once or twice a week can help in achieving a healthier, thicker head of hair over time. 


    #4 Keep away from hot tools 

    Ah, hot tools … a favorite ally of men and women when it comes to achieving those cool hairstyles. However, excessive use of these can do more harm than good. Blow drying with a large round brush, using a curling iron, or running a straightener can damage hair cuticles and weaken strands, leading to breakage and split ends. 

    Can’t go without hot tools? Use heat-protectant products to mask damage from heat application. Also, avoid using hot tools in high-heat settings. By using them in moderation, men and women can make their hair thicker and healthier without ruining their fashion game. 


    10 easy ways to make hair thicker after losing weight


    #5 Don’t overwash 

    Washing hair promotes scalp health and delivers healthy hair by removing dirt, oil, and product buildup. But too much of a good thing can be bad too. No, we are not exaggerating. Overwashing can strip away natural oils from the scalp as well as hair, leading to dryness, brittleness, and even hair loss.  

    Be mindful of washing frequency and use the right products. Depending on hair type, local climate, and lifestyle, one may need to wash their hair either every two to three days or once a week. Use dry shampoo or hair-refreshing products like creams, oils, sprays, and mists to absorb excess oil and maintain a clean hair look. 


    #6 Get scalp massages 

    A simple yet effective way to make thin hair thicker. Scalp massage encourages blood flow and breaks up scar tissue in the hair follicle to promote thickness. It can also help relieve stress and tension which contributes to hair loss and thinning in men and women. 

    Use your fingertips or a massager tool in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation and increase nutrient delivery to hair follicles. You can do scalp massages as frequently as once a day or as little as once a week. 


    make thin hair thicker


    #7 Use hair systems 

    Hair systems are a viable option for men and women with bald patches and considerable thinning. Also called modern-day wigs, men’s hairpieces, toupees, and toppers, hair systems can be customized to match hair type, color, and style, and worn to get an instant boost in hair volume and thickness. 

    Unlike synthetic wigs, hair systems from Lordhair are designed using 100% real hair and high-quality materials. No wonder, they look and feel incredibly natural. And that’s not it! 

    Here are some more reasons why men and women should buy Lordhair’s hair systems to regain hair after experiencing aggressive shedding: 


    • Easy to wear and maintain 

    • Durable and long-lasting

    • Super comfortable

    • Affordable pricing options

    • Excellent customer service and support 


    Browse our complete collection of the best hair replacement systems and hair wigs for women!


    #8 Take biotin supplements 

    Another useful tip for making thin hair thick! Biotin is a B vitamin responsible for healthy hair growth. It can be found in foods such as eggs, nuts, and whole grains. If your existing diet doesn't pack much biotin, take biotin supplements to make the thin hair thicker. This will not only strengthen hair follicles but also improve the ability to produce strong, healthy hair strands. 

    Biotin supplements can also improve the overall health of the skin and nails. However, Lordhair highly recommends consulting with a dermatologist before taking any supplements to ensure that they are safe and appropriate to consume. 


    #9 Try medications 

    There are several medications available for promoting hair growth and making strands thick. While some can be applied directly on the scalp to increase blood flow to hair follicles, others can be injected directly into the scalp to block hormones responsible for hair thinning in men and women. 

    However, it is important to remember that every medication comes with its share of side effects. It is essential to weigh the benefits against the risks before getting on medication for hair thickness. Consult with your doctor to see which option is safe and appropriate for you. 


    List of medications that cause hair loss in men and women


    #10 Hair masks with natural ingredients 

    Our list of tips to make thin hair thick would be considered incomplete without discussing this natural alternative! Hair masks are already an amazing way to nourish and strengthen hair strands. But using natural ingredients can make them even more effective. Some popular natural ingredients for hair masks are coconut oil, honey, avocado, and aloe vera. 

    According to dermatologists, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids. It penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen it from within. Honey is a natural humectant while avocado is packed with vitamins and minerals important for nourishing and strengthening thin hair. Similarly, aloe vera comprises enzymes that can repair dead skin cells on the scalp, promoting healthy and thick hair in the process. 

    Apply hair masks made using these ingredients once a week to make the thin hair thicker. 


    how to make thin hair thicker

    Get Thick Hair in 2023 

    Above are useful tips and ideas to make your thin hair thicker and stronger in 2023. Remember, everyone’s hair is unique. What works for one person may not work for another. Also, keep in mind achieving thick, healthy strands take a lot of time and effort. So, be patient, experiment to find the best routine, and once you figured it out, stick with it! 

    We are certain that with the right care and attention, you achieve the luscious, thick hair of your dreams. 

    Got any questions for us? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts. 



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