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    Fix Your Torn Wig Toupee With This Hair System Care Guide [Video]

    Fixing a torn wig can turn out to be a mess without the right knowledge. Someone doing it for the first will surely get cold feet and hands. That’s why we are here with the best ways to fix a torn wig (please note that wigs are also known as toupees, hairpieces, and hair systems).

    In this blog, Lordhair - trusted globally for men’s hairpieces and wigs - will share three ways to fix a torn wig on your own. Since we hate to make our readers wait, here’s the video in which Aaron O’Bryan - Canada’s leading hairdresser - explains how to fix damage caused to a wig.

    If you prefer reading over watching, we have got you covered. Scroll on for a detailed explanation of the popular ways to fix a damaged hair system.

    #1 Way to Fix a Torn Wig

    This is the easiest way to fix a torn wig. Simply follow the steps and you can do it with ease!

    • To start fixing your torn wig, you need a dome on a table. Place the torn wig on it.
    • Get a no-shine round tape to make sure you hit the edges. Unroll the tape and close the tape over the damaged area as neatly as possible.
    • Make sure you close the damaged region and then round it off. Press down the tape to spread it out.
    • Cut a very small section of tape and place it down on the crack for extra security.

    Fix damaged toupee
    #2 Way to Repair a Torn Hairpiece

    Fixing a damaged toupee hairpiece is best done with tape. Here’s another way you can use tape to fix the damage:

    • Take a rounded no-shine tape. In case you are wondering, no-shine tape will make it more realistic around the edges.
    • Take a cling film to cover up the split together a little bit more. Cut a small piece of cling film and measure it out before placing it over the crack.
    • Done? Take off the ends to use exactly what you need. It will help you keep it as fine as possible.
    • Lay down the tape at the edge to leave a little bit of room on the corner for cling film.
    • Place the cling film down onto the tape and pull the edges together. It will stop the glue from seeping through the crack on the rest of the hair.
    • Peel the tape off and then place one more piece of tape. Cut the extra tape or cling film around the edges to remove everything that’s overlapping on the top.

    Read on to discover the third and the last way to fix a torn wig!

    Make sure to check out these resources as well if you are feeling confident about fixing a hairpiece and getting into DIY mode:
    How to reapply front tape on your hair system
    A guide on how to use toupee tape

    Fix damaged toupee

    #3 Way to Fix Damaged Hairpiece

    This technique to fix damaged toupees uses tape but it also requires a secondary hairpiece. Read on for another way to fix hairpiece:

    • We need scissors, an old or a new hair system from where we are going to take the edges off.
    • Cut the edges to cover the crack of your torn hair system. Now, cut a piece of tape and then just unravel this.
    • Join the torn part by placing the mesh down the center of the system and take a rounded piece of tape to cover the torn part.
    • Applying a rounded tape will help you stop the glue from seeping through the torn part to secure the hair.

    Fix damaged toupee
    Fix your torn toupee with Lordhair

    Fixing a torn or damaged wig on your own is a tricky task and only small cracks can be fixed at home. In case your hair system also has other quality issues, we recommend going for our repair hair system service. It will help you resolve a wide range of problems.

    Don’t want to deal with a damaged hair piece after reading this? We recommend buying a non surgical hair replacement system from Lordhair to get a fresh and natural look. We have the biggest collection of hairpieces for men and wigs for women that comes at an affordable price and huge discounts.

    Have any queries about hair systems? Contact us today to get them answered by our hair system experts. Subscribe Lordhair on Youtube for amazing hair system repair tips, discounts, and guides.