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    Harvard Study Signals Permanent Cure to Baldness

    The researchers of Harvard University recently claimed that the permanent cure to baldness might not be far. The research team have successfully identified a protein called GAS6 that helps in stopping hair loss and boosts growth of new hair. The findings of the study were published in Nature


    Findings From Stress Focused Research

    The Harvard researchers said that stress is one of the most common factors related to permanent hair loss. It is also found that stress hormones have their involvement in male and female pattern baldness.

    There are convincing chances that this theory can take researchers to a lotion or cream that can cure aggressive hair damage permanently and aid recovery for men and women struggling with extreme hair loss.


    Claim Made by Researchers

    Ya-Chieh Hsu, a professor of stem cell and regenerative biology at Harvard, said that stress hormones suppress growth in mice through the regulation of hair follicle stem cells. This study helps in identifying the process that underpins hair loss for the first time and reveals how to cure it for a healthy head of hair.

    The researchers also reported in the paper that chronic and sustained exposure to stressors can profoundly affect a tissue named homeostasis, although the mechanism by which these changes occur are largely unknown”.


    What if hair loss is not due to stress?

    Ya-Chieh Hsu said that the usage of GAS6 could help overcome stress induced inhibition of hair follicle stem cells - and might encourage regeneration of hair growth in other cases as well.

    GAS6 is sufficient enough to activate hair follicle stem cells that were in the resting phase and promote hair growth in both normal and stress conditions.


    Wait Time for GAS6 focused Medication

    Medication derived from GAS6 will still take some time to reach the medical centres. The research around GAS6 will still take some years of work for safe application to humans.


    Why Lordhair for hair loss recovery?

    Lordhair - the leading hair system brand - is helping men and women recover hair loss and thinning. Active in the industry for almost 2 decades, we have a growing collection of toupees, wigs, and accessories for diverse hair loss conditions.