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    “Can You Swim with a Hair System On?” | Hair System Questions from the Lordhair Social Media Pages

    We are aware that hair systems are completely new to most people out there and that is why we answer several questions about hair systems and how they ‘work’ on a daily basis across our social media pages. It’s easy to be impressed by the final results and the transformative effects of hair systems that you see in a social media post but it’s very important to understand as much as you can about hair systems if you’re thinking about them as your solution to hair loss.


    We welcome all interaction on social media and since we get asked so many questions (and often the same questions) we thought it could be very useful if we answered some of them here in this blog.


    So, in no particular order, here is a sample of questions we were asked on our social media pages from people over May.




    Lordhair on YouTube


    Can you swim with a hair system on?




    There is a misconception that today’s hair systems can be equated with the wigs and toupees of yesteryear but that is simply not the case. A modern-day hair system is not going to blow off in the wind or float away when you dive into a pool as you might see in some slapstick comedy.


    Our hair systems are securely attached to the scalp of the wearer with tape or glue or a combination of the two. It’s the hair system tape or glue that keeps the hair system on when you’re swimming – it’s nothing to do with how well made our hair systems are. That means it’s sometimes impossible for us to have an exact answer for every swimming-related question because there are so many different types of tape and glue available and people’s bodies react differently to them. But the bottom line is that you can swim with a hair system on and it won’t fall off.


                                                                                        Check out Mark as he tests out his hair system at a water park

    If swimming was to affect the hold of the tape or glue in any way then we would just expect a small amount of lift somewhere along the front. Hardly a disaster and your soaked bangs/fringe would more than likely be covering any lift – you’re certainly not going to have to deal with a hair system that is about to slip off.



    @LordhairCompany on Facebook



    How do you take off a hair system?


    First of all, it’s not as difficult as you might think and secondly, it’s not something that takes long to do. It’s also something you can do by yourself.


    You will first need some citrus-oil-based or alcohol-based hair system solvent remover. Simply spray the remover around the perimeter of the hair system or wherever you applied tape or glue. After a couple of minutes, the adhesive will loosen and you will then be able to remove your hair system. Make sure you’re gentle when you do this. We recommend you remove the hair system from the back first as this way should make it easier to avoid damaging the front hairline.



    lordhair_ on TikTok



    How long does a hair system last?


    It depends on the type of hair system and the wearer’s habits.



    This is possibly the most frequently asked question but it’s actually very difficult to answer. There is no fixed answer as the lifespan of a hair system depends on the base design of the hair system and how well the wearer looks after their hair system.


    In short, the more natural the appearance of the hair system, the shorter its lifespan. For example, many hair systems are made out of polyurethane and the thinner the polyurethane (commonly referred to as poly or thin skin) is, the more fragile it is and the less time the hair system will last.


    Here are the approximate lifespans of certain types of hair systems for your reference:


    l  1-2 months for 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems

    l  2-4 months for 0.06-0.08mm super thin skin hair systems and French lace hair systems

    l  4-6 months for 0.10-0.15mm thin skin hair systems and mono(filament) hair systems

    l  +6 months for NPU (a thicker kind of poly) hair systems


    However, these lifespans do not take into account how the hair is ventilated (attached) - some methods are more secure than others and will result in less hair shedding.


    Then, it is also down to the individual and how well they care for their hair systems and how they treat their hair. It is people who are new to hair systems who often ask how long they last. Yet they are the people who will usually get less time out of a hair system because they may not be familiar with good habits such as not brushing the hair too hard or making sure they thoroughly clean the tape or glue residue from the base. So, it’s often a case of one lifespan for a new wearer and another for a more experienced one.



    @lordhairtoupee on Instagram


    Can you have a side parting?




    We share lots of customer photos and videos but in terms of hairstyles, don’t feel you’re restricted by how a particular individual styles their hair.


    Our stock hair systems all come with a freestyle hair direction. That means the hair has been ventilated in such a way that you can style the hair in any way you please. Side partings, center partings, or brushed back styles, for example, are all possible with a freestyle hair direction.


                                                              Check out Juha rocking a center parting with his UTS ultra-thin skin stock hair system

    Some hair systems, however, are not suitable for brushed back styles because the way the hair is ventilated makes the hair lie naturally flat. This is the case for a few of our thin skin stock hair systems but the product descriptions on our website will make this clear to you.


    You can choose the exact hair direction of a custom-made hair system from us so this is a good option if you are very sure about you would like to style your hair. Y0u can also choose how central you would like the crown to be. Please visit our website to learn about all the hair direction options available to you.


    You also need to consider the realism of the hair system when you are thinking about how you are going to style your hair. If you are going to part your hair, for example, then the base material needs to be undetectable so that the parting looks just like your own exposed scalp. We also wouldn’t recommend parting your hair if larger, more visible double knots were used to ventilate the hair. Realism and styling options are very important to people so most of our best-selling hair systems use highly realistic base materials and hair ventilation options.



    Contact us


    Of course, this is just a small sample of the many questions we get each month but be sure to fully explore our website and follow us on social media to learn more about our hair systems. We share daily content across social media where we address many of the questions you may have. We have tutorial pages and videos and a dedicated FAQ page so make sure you check them out too.


    Please feel free to leave any questions you may have below or alternatively, contact our team via email support@lordhair.com or WhatsApp +8618678615507 and we’ll be happy to assist you.