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    Hair System Installation Guide for First-Time Wearers

           During the course of this mini blog we will break down the installation or attachment process of a hair system in a concise way and refer you to more in-depth visual guides. It may require some time and patience to master the process but practice makes perfect and you will soon be installing your hair system more quickly and confidently.


           5 steps to install a hair system


           You can divide the hair system installation process into five steps:


    1. Shave the top of your head  
    2. Wash your scalp
    3. Mark out your front hairline


          4a.  Apply tape to the base of the hair system


    • or


          4b.  (i) Apply glue to the scalp*

                 (ii) Wait for the glue to dry

            5.   Attach the hair system



           *Using tape or glue to attach a hair system often comes down to personal preference. You can also use  a combination of the two i.e. tape around the perimeter and glue at the front


             How to install a hair system for the first time


             1. Shave the top of your head


             If you are not already bald on top, shave your remaining hair. Shave an area to fit the size of your hair system. The tape or glue you use to attach a hair system needs a clean, smooth surface to adhere properly - the smoother the surface, the stronger the hold.


    All Lordhair stock hair systems measure 8” (width) by 10” (length) which is large enough for most men. For areas of baldness larger than this, you will have to wear a custom-made hair system.


            2. Wash your scalp


             Wash your scalp with shampoo and then dry to remove all excess moisture. Thoroughly cleanse the bonding area and remove any oil by using a solvent spray and cotton wool.


            3. Mark out the front hairline


             Raise your eyebrows and measure out four fingers from the top of your eyebrows. Mark the spot above your fingers with a make-up pencil.


            4a.  Apply tape to the base of the hair system


            If the tape is not pre-cut cut it into smaller pieces. Apply tape to the perimeter of the base. (Smaller pieces mean you will be able to follow the curvature of the base more easily). Since hair system tape is double-sided you will then have to peel off the protective paper on the other side.


     Andrew gives a complete tutorial on just what he does to reattach his hair system. Note how he tapes the perimeter of the base but glues the front.





              4b.  (i) Apply glue to the scalp


               Carefully apply a thin and even coat of glue to the scalp.



             (ii) Wait for the glue to dry


             Do not rush this step. Wait five to ten minutes for the glue to dry. Once the glue is completely clear (and not white) it is ready. You can apply another layer of glue if you wish.


              5. Attach the hair system


              Attach the front of the hair system first and ‘roll’ the rest of the hair system down into place. Press down on the sides section by section with the back of a comb.


              There you have it! A simplified breakdown of how you attach a hair system. You may need the help of someone you live with at first but you will be attaching your hair system by yourself in no time.


              For a more in-depth guide, we recommend you check out the hair care pages on our website as well as the tutorial playlist on our YouTube channel.


              Begin your hair system journey with Lordhair


              Browse our vast selection of hair systems, read our resources and watch our videos to put an end to your struggles with your disappearing hair. We’d love to help you out with any questions you may have about our hair systems or how to install them so please feel free to email us at support@lordhair.com.