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As a westerner, whilst walking around the streets of a typical Chinese city, it shouldn’t take you a long time to notice the high number of hairdresser’s and salons. Whether you’re male or female the average hairdresser’s in China is not going to set you back too much money. Hair washing and drying and head massage services are often included in the price. Of course, there are your high-end salons too and in tier one Chinese cities, you may find that the price of these establishments rivals anything you might pay back home. However, walk down the right roads, take a step back in time and you can learn the real meaning of a traditional Chinese haircut.



Meet the traditional Chinese street barber. Respectively addressed with the names dashu or laotou, they are old in age, old in style and seemingly equipped with nothing more than a rickety chair and a squeaky pair of scissors. They are a true throwback to a bygone era. Don’t come here expecting the latest trends (there’s a reason why the typical clientele are of a more advanced age). Don’t expect nice, comfy surroundings either. Economical and efficient is what you can expect. What you see is very much what you get with the street barber. A little trim or a short back and sides are probably all that you are going to be offered. The novelty factor might also count for something. This could be equally applicable to both foreigners and young Chinese people who prefer modern hairdresser’s.


Traditional Chinese Street Barber 


Here at Lordhair, we also cut hair as we have our own hair system cutting and styling service meaning you can start wearing your hair system from the moment you receive it. Whilst we can’t offer you the experience of a haircut from a dashu or laotou of the back streets of China, we can certainly offer a lot more styles by professional hair system stylists and at a very reasonable price too! If you need more information about this service then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hair System Styles



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