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    Hair Patches for Men - Most Popular Options Online in 2020

    Hair patches are the easiest & cheapest hair recovery options for men suffering from baldness. Made with 100% human hair strands, these easy-to-apply products are helping men across the world gain back confidence & look younger. When it comes to choosing a hair patch, men often get confused due to the sheer number of hair patches available online. That's why we decided to pick the best for you!


    In this blog, Lordhair will share 7 men's hair patches (also known as hairpieces and hair systems) that are worth buying in 2020. All these hair patches are known for their quality, durability, and affordability. Let's put the spotlight on our very first hairpiece:


     Hair patch #1 - The Neo 


    The Neo is one of the latest additions to our catalog. Its base is composed of full French lace which makes it super-light and breathable. 100% human hair on the top gives you the ability to style it in any direction. The use of thin skin perimeter as a base facilitates easy attachment and removal.


    With medium light hair density and 30mm curl wave, Neo hair patch is available in 12 different colors. The presence of A-shape front contour also makes this hairpiece a great deal at 139 USD. 


    Lace with skin hair prosthesis


     Hair patch #2 - The Air


    Lordhair presents to you our very first Swiss hair patch known as The Air! Its base is made of Swiss lace which makes it light, soft, breathable and comfortable. Also, it has a base size of 8” x 10” which can be cut down according to the size of your scalp. With light to medium-light hair density, this hair patch will give you a hyper-realistic look. 


    Air swiss lace hairpiece has a 30mm wave and is available in 13 different colors. Buy this hair patch for just 179 USD and get it shipped to your doorstep within 5 working days! 


    Swiss lace hair patch


    S22: Ultra-thin skin hair patch


    One of the best hairpieces for men in our catalog, UTS S22 has a 0.03mm thin transparent polyurethane base that makes it super-comfy and breathable. We have also used a V-loop ventilation method to make the base knotless. This will let the strands on the top stand quite high which allows you to comb the hair in any directions based on your preference about hairstyles.


    Made of Indian hair, S22 has a hair length of 6 inches with medium-light hair density. For only 159 USD, you can gain back your lost confidence with this popular hair patch! View this thin skin hairpiece


    Watch how Chris feels after using our S22 hair patch: 



    S1M: Super thin skin hair system


    The S1M hair system is one of the finest hair patches for men, famous for its full super thin skin base and a natural gradual front hairline. With V-looped hair in front, this hair patch has single-split knots which make it durable. Besides, it has a transparent super thin skin base of 8” x 10” and 6” natural hair on the top. Super thin skin hair system not only gives you an ultra-realistic look but also feels comfortable when worn.


    The super-thin skin hair system comes only in natural black color and is available for 169 USD only. Here's the good news! Lordhair also provides hair cutting service so that you can use the hair patch out of the box. Isn't that great?


    Thin skin hairpiece


    S7: French Lace hair patch 


    Remember the slicked-back look of Chris Evans in Avengers: Infinity War? S7 hair patch will help you get the same look! A full French lace base with stitching lines gives the best shape and added durability. Besides, its lace also lets the heat and moisture evaporate from the base, This which keeps you away from itchy scalp.


    From hair density to its length, you will be able to customize everything as per your own needs with S7. The availability of this hair patch at the price of 199 USD makes it a great deal for men struggling with baldness.


    Full French Lace Hairpiece


    LM1: Fine Mono PU hairpiece for men


    Fine Mono PU hairpiece is yet another famous custom made hairpiece for men. With a fine mono top and ¾” wide PU perimeter, this hair patch is highly enduring and breathable. Also, ½” French lace at the front will make you feel like the hair is growing out directly from your scalp!


    Medium hair density along with 32mm slightly waved black hair allows you to brush them back to get a slicked look. LM1 hair patch is only available in natural black color and has a price of 199 USD.


    Watch the video below to learn how the LM1 stock hair patch changed the life of Mr. Fuller:




    S2: Fine welded mono hair patch 


    Men looking for an extremely durable yet realistic hair patch can go with our fine welded mono hairpiece. As the name suggests, this hairpiece has an 8” x 10” welded mono base which makes it harder for the knots to loosen and the hair to shed. Also, we have added stitching lines that contribute to keeping its curves & shape steady. Fine welded mono hair patch is more durable than our French lace hair patch. 


    The S2 hairpiece has 6 inches long hair with medium-light density and A-looped front contour. Men suffering from hair loss can get this customizable hair patch for just 199 USD on our website! 


    Fine Welded Mono Hairpiece


    Above are some of the hair patches that helped thousands of men overcome chronic hair loss in 2019 and will be a hit in 2020 as well. Browse our complete range of men's hair patches to discover more options in stock and custom hair replacement solutions.  


    Lordhair’s hair patches are shipped to more than 100 countries and most of them come with a 30-day money-back warranty. Got queries? Send them at support@lordhair.com and get them answered by our hair experts.


    Follow Lordhair on Instagram for daily hair tips, styling guides, and much more!  

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