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    What Causes a Dry Scalp and Hair Loss?

    Dry skin occurs when the skin starts losing water too quickly or the body has less of it. While dry skin at any other part of the body gives a shabby look, dry skin on the scalp can disrupt the hair growth cycle and put a negative impact on the hair follicles. All of this can together give birth to multiple hair problems including hair loss and thinning.

    Some men and women however are not aware of the major causes of a dry scalp and related hair loss. That’s why Lordhair - a leading supplier of male hair units - decided to create this quick post and share the causes of a dry scalp and the hair damage that is associated with it.

    Let’s start!

    Causes of a Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

    A dry scalp is pretty common in youngsters across the globe. Below are the major causes of dry scalp and hair loss in men and women.


    dry scalp hair loss

    Eating habits: It’s quite unheard of that our daily eating habits could cause dry scalp and hair loss but that’s indeed true. Eating a high-carb diet can contribute to dry scalp and triggers related hair loss.

    When hair loss or thinning is related to a dry scalp, health experts recommend cutting down the intake of high-carb foods - especially processed foods - to get rid of dry scalp and hair loss.

    Too much washing: Washing hair every day with shampoo drains away natural oils that are required for hair growth. Doing the same also dries out the hair and exposes the shafts to pollution, dirt, and other damaging elements.


    hair loss due to dry scalp

    While it's practical to shampoo and condition your hair once or twice a week, some people with fine hair feel the need to do it more often. If that's the case with you, consult your dermatologist for the magic number.

    Wrong hair products: Using certain soaps, shampoos, and conditioners can make your scalp itchy. If you think your hair product choices might be damaging your hair, then, the best option is to speak with a trichologist and get an expert opinion.

    If that’s not something you can do, start dropping products one by one to discover which product is making the scalp dry. Pro tip: Avoid scratching your scalp as it can worsen the condition!

    Weather change: Change in climate plays a major role in dry scalp condition and eventual hair loss. During the winter season, skin all over the body becomes dry. That’s why we need to moisturize more often and also pick hair care products that help retain moisture.

    Spending time in excessive heat can also cause a dry scalp. Avoid long and frequent hot water baths. Instead, go for lukewarm water to keep the skin and scalp moist.

    Lost most of your hair? Try non-surgical hair replacement systems.

    Dehydration: A lot of us are unaware of the fact that not drinking plenty of water can cause dry scalp and trigger hair loss problems. According to Mayo Clinic, men should consume around 3.7 liters of fluids in a day. Women on the other hand can do with 2.7 liters of fluids.

    Long story short, keep that water bottle handy if you want to keep the dry scalp at bay and retain healthy hair!

    Tinea capitis: Also known as scalp ringworm, it is a fungal infection that can be transmitted through physical contact with an infected person. Sharing combs, caps, and other hair accessories increases the risk of getting infected. Besides leaving the scalp dry, it can also cause permanent hair loss if not treated timely.

    Recovery from tinea capitis requires quick medical attention to avoid long-term hair damage.

    Eczema: This is a medical condition that can affect people of any age. Eczema makes it hard for hair follicles to grow through inflamed itchy dry skin and the same damages the hair. But there is no need to worry since this condition is treatable.

    There are many products that are good to use if you have eczema. Consult a doctor to identify your eczema type (yes, there are multiple types) and get the right medical support for the same.


    prevent dry scalp hair loss

    Dry Scalp and Hair Loss: Final Words

    We hope that the above post will help you learn about the major causes of a dry scalp and also aid your recovery from related hair loss. Have you lost a lot of your hair to medical conditions? Buy a human hairpiece toupee to get a healthy head of hair instantly.

    Have any queries? Drop them in the comments below to get a quick reply from our team of hair experts.




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