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    How We Can Craft a Custom-Made Hair System to Your Exact Needs

    Order a custom-made hair system from Lordhair if you want to create the ultimate hair system for you! Custom hair systems give you endless possibilities when it comes to the base design and hair. In our latest blog, we are going to share the hair journey of Matthew and introduce his custom hair system to show you just what is possible.


    Matthew’s hair loss story

    Matthew battled with cancer as a young man and even now, more than a decade later, his hair has not grown back to how it once was. Such is the scarcity of his hair and the fineness of what little hair he does have, Matthew believes his own hair makes him look like he is still suffering from cancer. Ever since his recovery, Matthew has resigned himself to shaving his head and a lifetime of hats. He even allowed his social life to be dictated by whatever dress code there may be.


    Matthew did not realize that sourcing his own customized full cap wig was an option until he came across Lordhair …


    Matthew opens up about his battle with baldness and how a custom-made hair system from Lordhair has turned his life around


    Matthew’s custom-made hair system from Lordhair

    Since Matthew’s hair loss extended to all of his head, a regular stock hair system was never going to work for Matthew. He needed a hair system that extended down to the back and sides of his head and covered his whole head. Cue a custom-made full cap men’s wig …


    Matthew now wears a full cap wig that we customized for him. It has a fine welded mono base and Matthew chose all features of his hair system. He sent in a template and a hair sample which we used to create the base and replicate his hair color. You can learn more about the base material for Matthew’s full cap wig here but be aware that the photos you see on this product page are not a reflection of the shape and size of Matthew’s own hair system.


    Below are some examples of the features of Matthew’s hair system. These are all features that are not available to choose from when you order a stock hair system from us.


    Base size                                                      Full cap: larger than 10” x 10”

    Front contour                                               Match template

    Curl and wave                                              25mm

    Hair direction                                               Center crown

    Gray hair percentage and distribution      5% around specified areas of the hair

    Bleached knots*                                          1-inch area along the front hairline

    Hair type**                                                    Remy hair


    *Bleached knots are a feature of certain stock hair systems of ours but with a custom order, you can choose just where you would like the bleached knots to be.

    **Remy hair is an option for some of our stock hair systems but regular Indian hair is the default option.




    What’s the difference between a regular hair system and a full cap wig?

    Hair systems come in different sizes. Our stock hair systems are designed to be worn on the top of the scalp and typically measure 8” x 10” (w x l). They will, therefore, blend in with your own hair on the back and sides of your head.


    Full cap wigs, however, extend down to the back and sides of the head as you see below:


    hair system base size

     For us to most accurately create your base, it is best for you to make a template of your hair loss area and send it to us. Or, you can take all of the measurements you see in the illustration above and share them with us.


    Learn how to take measurements for a full cap wig




    How Mathew’s hair system has turned his life around: "I’ve been able to take my life back”

    Hair systems really can transform your life and Matthew’s words really will go a long way to allaying any fears you may have about wearing a hair system. What’s more, he can positively vouch for the impact a hair system can have on your life.


    “I remember being so worried it would be super noticeable or super expensive or super time-consuming. The truth is nobody notices. I read somewhere that people really don’t examine you the way you examine yourself. They’re the main character in their own story. They’re not looking at you that hard. You’re being way harder on yourself than anyone else will. My friends at work just went with it. We have the pandemic so we’re working at home. Everyone just assumed that I grew my hair out. My family was supportive – it’s not even a topic of conversation. We don’t talk about it. It looks just like my old hair before I lost it. They did such a good job. It’s not noticeable at all. Is it noticeable a little bit? Sure, but this looks a hell of a lot better than wearing no hair at all, before going out looking like a hot dog in public, or wearing a hat everywhere or trying to wear a bald cap to a wedding. Honestly, I’ve just been able to go back outside and take my life back.


    People think it is high maintenance but it’s not any more than real hair. You get one haircut and that’s it, you’re done for the next few months. People think you’ve got to set aside all this time or it’s going to be a lot of care. It’s really not. Set aside 30 minutes, maybe an hour, to take it off, clean your head, put it back on and shave. That’s it. To me, that’s not a negative. To have my life back, to have my confidence back, to feel like me again, 30 minutes every couple of weeks is not a big deal. So, I really can’t imagine it would be for anyone else.”


    Latest Lordhair promotion: Save $60 on all custom hair systems!


    hair system discount

    $60 off all custom hair systems until September 15th!


    If you’ve been inspired by Matthew’s story then there really is no better time to order a custom-made hair system from Lordhair than now but be quick. There is just one more day left to take advantage of our custom hair system promotion by saving $60 on any custom order!


    It may seem a long way off but if looking your best for Christmas and all the parties and festivities that will hopefully be going on as normal then, you should really order now so that your custom order arrives in time.


    At Lordhair, we can customize your hair system to create a truly bespoke look for yourself and a hair system that matches your exact needs. The hair, the base design and the base size – you are in complete control. The possibilities really are endless with a custom-made hair system from Lordhair


    Browse our men’s custom hair system pages for inspiration and to see the kind of hair system designs that are available to you.


    As ever our lovely customer service team is on hand to help you with any query you may have about our hair replacement systems or the customization process. Contact them in whichever way is most convenient for you. 




      Email: support@lordhair.com

      Tel: +86 532 80828255

      WhatsApp: +86 186 7861 5507

      Skype: Lordhair


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