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    The Three Categories of Base Design

    Lace Hair Toupees

    Made entirely of mesh fabric or “lace” material, these hair toupees are the hottest trend in the hair replacement industry as they are the lightest and most breathable and offer the most natural appearance possible. A full lace hair toupee can be made from many different types of lace materials to increase the durability, however will probably have a limited lifespan and require more regular replacement.


    Poly / Lace Hair Toupees

    To achieve the natural appearance of a total lace hair toupees yet provide a longer lifespan, there are combination toupees using lace material only in the front and hairline area. These poly / lace hair toupees are available in a variety of different designs and materials. Mostly lace fronts with poly in the back and top to add strength and durability.

    The drawback is in the way they feel because of the varying weight between lace in the front and poly in the back; running your fingers through the hair will sometimes reveal a small “bump” at the point where the two materials meet.


    Poly Hair Toupees

    Hair toupees made entirely of polyurethane are common because of their durability. The biggest drawback with poly hair toupees is that they are not breathable. This makes them temperature hot and as a result less comfortable to wear than lace hair toupees.


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