Hair Color Plays an Important Role in Your Hair Replacement System



When ordering a new hair system, what’s your priority? If the answer is “appearance”, this blog may be helpful for you. Hair color is one of the most important things people notice about you, so choosing the right color is the first step.


To match your hair color, taking a photo is not the right method. Photos are not a good representation of your hair color and tone. We suggest two ways of getting the right color: sending us you hair sample or using one of our color rings and telling us the number which matches your hair.


If you choose to send us a hair sample, you should indicate where it comes from: the front, the top, or side. If you provide these different samples, we can create the perfect match. If you want to match using our color ring, make your choice on a nice, bright and light day and make sure to tell us which of our color rings you used as well as the color number. 


Some people may have grey hair and when you customize your hair color, you should also indicate this. You should also tell us the percentage of your grey hair as well as if you have varying amounts of grey in different areas. 


We can also add highlights. All you need to do is indicate the color using our highlight color ring which is available from our website.


Your new hair system’s lifespan depends on the base design and how you take care of it. Every time you take it off, you should clean it thoroughly and then use hair conditioner to protect the color of your hair from fading too fast as all human hair fades after being dyed.


If you have any questions about your hair replacement, you can check out our blog page or you can contact us by email at, Skype (lordhair1) or the other ways listed on our contact us page.





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