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    10 Hair Loss Myths Debunked & Hair Loss Facts Revealed

    Hair loss causes baldness but what causes hair loss? Some say that hair loss is hereditary and some comment that aging, poor diet, lifestyle, and other factors leads to hair loss. A considerable amount of people believe in above reasons of hair fall but are they real or a myth? What if we tell you that most hair loss causing factors that you are aware of aren’t real but mythical?


    Lordhair attempts to debunk the myths about hair loss by revealing the facts that lead to hair loss in men & women. Revealing the 10 most common myths and interesting facts about hair loss below:


    Shampooing-myth debunked


    “Don’t use too-much shampoo, or your hair will become weak and fall”! You must have heard this. But the reality is that it is alright to shed few hair strands every time you wash your hair. Hair cleaning must be done at least once a week to avoid dandruff and odour on scalp. If you use a shampoo, you will get cleaner hair. Your hair loss has nothing to do with your shampoo. Just make sure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.


    Genetics-myth debunked


    This hair loss myth is the most common hair loss reason males often quote. Predisposition to male pattern baldness is hereditary, but baldness can be incorporated from only father or mother is a myth. The transmission of hair loss depends on some dominant inheritance patterns, not only on the individual’s genes. Hair loss can be inherited from either of the parent and in there is no single gene to be blamed.


    Testosterones-myth debunked


    Debunking another hail loss myth that is known as elevated testosterone levels or DHT. It is an androgen and helps give males their male characteristics. DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair loss. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is blamed to cause hair loss but it is the sensitivity of your hair follicles that lead them to fall, not the elevated testosterone levels.


    Stress-myth debunked


    Another common myth about hair loss is related to stress. People who are undergoing stress, anxiety or have undergone a traumatic event can experience abnormal hair loss but the condition is temporary. It will recover as your emotional levels normalize. So, don’t think that you’ll become bald if you are under exam pressure, job stress, going through hard relationships or facing any other emotional disorder.


    Alarming level of hair loss cases are observed every year and one of the major reasons behind it is  trichotillomania or trich.


    Hair loss pattern-myth debunked


    An interesting belief about hair loss is actually a myth that hair loss can initiate from any part of your head. Do you know that hair loss occurs in a pattern? In the beginning hair starts to fall off at forehead and temples in the shape of ‘M’. As the hairline recedes, hair continues to fall from top of your head leaving only ‘U’ shape hair left around the back and side of the head.


    Senior Age-myth debunked


    It is believed that senior people tend to shed their hair strands. But is it true? Studies have revealed that not all aged people suffer hair loss. Even in their fifties and sixties there are individuals who have scalp fully covered with their natural hair. It is the lifestyle, diet and hair care that contribute to a healthy hair follicle, not the growing age. So, the myth about age gets debunked here.


    Hats & caps-myth debunked


    Search for it, which one came first? Hats or hair loss! The answer will always be hair loss. Whether men or women, both have been facing hair loss since ages and hats have been mostly blamed for this medical condition. Not all sportsmen who wear hats are bald and not all people who don’t wear caps have healthy hair. This is just a myth that wearing hats causes hair loss and this myth gets debunked here by Lordhair.


    Medications don’t work-myth debunked


    Hair loss medications and ointments have been criticized due to their side-effects. No doubt they can cause side-effects to some users but this is totally a myth that medical treatments are not effective at all. Yes, they come at sky high costs sometimes, but it will be totally false to say that these treatments do not offer a solution to the hair fall problem.


    Misguided by hair loss myths? Read the real 15 causes responsible for hair loss in men!


    Hair products-myth debunked


    Yes, it is true that most of the hair products are made from chemicals but quality hair products use clinically approved ingredients that are thoroughly tested before cleared for human use. Use branded hair products that are clinically tested and approved by majority of users. If you use low quality hair styling creams, gels and hair growth ointments, there is no guarantee that your hair will last long.


    Poor Circulation-myth debunked


    Last but not least, debunking a most prominent hair loss myth. We are told that bad blood circulation results to hair loss. But the condition is reverse. If hair loss occurs, then, your head will go through bad circulation. Therefore, it can be surely said that poor circulation isn’t the cause of male-female baldness patterns.


    We often believe rumours and myths about hair loss but after reading the above interesting hair loss facts, you must have got clarity about the myths that ‘don’t’ cause hair loss in men and women.


    Fight hair loss with hair systems


    If you are suffering from hair loss and are anxious about your looks, don’t rush for a surgical treatment. Hair surgeries are expensive and they can also bring compilations with time. The best advice is to opt for a custom wigs and hair systems made from 100% natural human hair.  Get in touch with Lordhair and order your first 100% human hair system today.


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