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LordHair has a large quantity of stock wigs for immediate shipment, which include men's partial wigs and women's full wigs. 

Do you think a stock wig means a low quality one? No, our stock wigs are all high quality wigs, and in our most popular base models. Do you think a stock wig means no chance of customization? Not true....
For men's wigs, most of them are partial size, 8"x10", they are also be called hair replacements or toupees. They are all in size of 8"x10" and hair length of 5-6". There is a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a model from our wide range. Full thin skin base with V-looped hair. Full thin skin base with split knots and V-looped front. Full thin skin base with injected hair. French lace base with bleached knots all over. French lace base with thin skin on sides back perimeter. Fine mono with PU edge all around. All these models of men's stock wig can be cut into sizes smaller than 8x10", depending on your measurements. 
All stock wigs are 100% human hair. You can have it curled into any wave curl that you like.
All stock wigs have free style hair direction. You can style the hair in any direction you like. 
We have a wide range of hair colors available for men's stock wigs for your choice, and even some colors with different grey percentages:

#1 #1B #1B10 #1B20 #1B40 #1B80 #2 #210 #220 #3 #310 #320 #330 #340 #4ASH #4 #410 #5 #6 #7 #7ASH #18 #22R

Check out the pictures below:

Click the link below to buy stock men's wigs:

For women, we have full cap wigs including both Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs.
Full Lace stock wigs are 100% hand-tied. The full lace model is shown below:

Front Lace stock wigs are hand-tied on the front lace 3" in length, the remainder is done with with machine-made wefts. You can see the pictures below:

We have both 100% Virgin hair and 100% Indian hair available. 100% Virgin hair means hair from one donor, with hair root and tip unmixed, with cuticle intact and in its natural color, no chemical process is used. 100% Indian hair means hair after processing is left without cuticle, is smooth and soft and has been dyed into different colors. 
Virgin hair stock wigs come in natural hair colors. You can dye them into any hair color you want.
Indian hair comes in a variety of colors including #1 black, #1B off black, #2 dark brown, #3 dark medium brown and #4 medium are all available. 
Our women's stock wigs come in hair lengths from 8" to 24".
 We can also do any wave curl as you request before shipment. Please see our wave curl charts below. We can also curl according to pictures you send us.


LordHair's stock wigs can be shipped immeadiately or customized to suit you. No matter your choice, You will get the perfect high quality wig. Click here now:



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