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    4 Types of Hair We Use to Make Your Hair Systems

     As most of our customers have realized, the hair material of Lordhair hair systems is of top class in terms of both quality and fineness. But have you ever heard that there is more than one type of hair material available from our company? With each type of hair coming with its own characteristics, more hair type options are understandably a reflection of various needs and expectations of our hair system wearers. At Lordhair, we mainly make use of four types of hair material to produce hair systems for you, including Indian human hair, Remy hair, European hair and synthetic hair.


    Indian Human Hair

    Out of the 4 types of hair that we offer, Indian human hair has definitely been the most popular and most common one selected by the majority of our customers as standard hair material in the wig and hair replacement industries. Genetically, Indian hair is very similar to Caucasion hair speaking of the base structure as the texture is very soft and smooth, aside from being highly adaptable to color and texture processing. That’s why it can be permed and dyed freely as per your wishes. Indian human hair would be a really nice option to select if you don’t have any special expectations on the hair of your hair system.






    Remy Hair

    We have some customers wishing for hair of higher quality and class that feels even softer and silkier, and in the meanwhile, comes with a longer lifespan. That is why our company has stocked a large variety of premium Indian hair called Remy hair, which differs from regular Indian human hair mostly in how it’s processed. When gathered from the hair donors, all the hair runs in the same direction, in order to guarantee the hair cuticles are kept properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hair. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the hair is carefully kept in order. So it is no wonder that Remy hair ends up being favored by some hair system users with higher expectations on the hair quality.


     men's remy hairpiece

    Champion-R is our French lace unit with remy hair, click here to buy


    European Hair

    Next, we have the European hair that is considered as the softest and finest one among all hair types in spite of certain limitations. All our European hair is non-processed virgin hair with all cuticles intact and heading the same direction, which mostly accounts for why it feels extremely silky and sleek. On the other hand, European hair is the most vulnerable hair type at the same time as it is too thin and soft. So technically speaking it can neither be colored nor permed for the sake of not being damaged. Another thing to keep in mind is European hair wouldn’t be an option if you want the hair length to be longer than 6 inches due to some technical limitations.


    Select European hair on your order when placing on the website www.lordhair.com


    Synthetic hair

    Lastly, being the only type of artificial hair, synthetic hair is also something worth giving a thought to as it is extremely resistant to oxidation and color change while having the look and feel of human hair. However, synthetic hair is highly sensitive to friction against things like pillow and helmet as these kinds of frictions tend to cause the hair to deteriorate and thus looking frizzy.


    That concludes the introduction of the 4 hair types available at Lordhair. When customizing the hair system yourself, it is definitely recommended to keep in mind what your exact needs and preferences are for the hair of the hair system. So you are much more likely to end up with things of real value to yourself!