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    Basic Package


    BASIC Start-Up Package for Hair System Business Beginners

    With our basic start-up package, you have everything you need to start providing non-surgical hair replacement services, with all-inclusive hair systems, accessories and services, all at special low prices, exclusive to salons.

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    Our basic package includes all the tools you’ll need for hair system services in your salon. 

    In order to save you more, we have prepared a basic package for you, which contains our most popular hair systems, necessary accessories, and even extra services. You can start to provide non-surgical hair replacement TODAY with Lordhair!

    Your Basic Start-up Package includes the following hair systems and tools:

    Stock Hair Systems & Tapes
    UTS Neo
    Champion SuperSkin
    SuperSkin-F(6"×2") EBP
    Ordering Tools Quantity
    Men’s Color Ring for Stock Order 1
    Measuring Tape 1
    Combs 1
    Hair system stand 2
     Others Quantity
    Custom Order Form 1
    Wholesale Price Lists 1
    Instructions for Products  
    Extra Services

    1. Provide uncopyrighted photos of the product

    2. Provide uncopyrighted products’videos

    3.Dropshipping:mail the products to the customers directly

    Total Price: US$799

    What’s more, you are able to partner with Lordhair for FREE, with free referrals, continued support and hair system training.

    Are you new to non-surgical hair replacement? That is no problem. With a start-up package, Lordhair will help you get started, you can even use the hair system in this basic package to practice on. When you start providing non-surgical hair replacement, we will be able to refer more business to you.

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