Base material kit ring

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Many clients are lack of basic knowledge of base material, and most of supplier are also relucent to declare clearly or properly about the base material they used for customers. Lordhair is not the same. We specify clearly what kind of base material we are using for your order. And we are also very glad to inform this to every customers. Eventually, clients will be getting more and more experienced on the base materials, so can easily place correct order for yourself.

A base material chart can tell everything. So we specially make out base material kit rings allow you buy it back to review. Our material kit ring includes more than 40 kinds of different materials that will be used to build a hair system base, it can greatly help new wearers or salons/studios to choose a right base material they like the best.

Remember, the ring is made with real production material in small cutting. If you want to have bigger piece of material, please contact us via


base material kit ring

base material kit ring


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