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    Side Patch


    Patch Hair Loss Hair Patch for Men (2 Pieces)

    A hair patch for men with scalp burns or patch hair loss. These are small and easy to cover men's patch hair loss, in an easy and risk-free way.

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    Below are the specifications of this  hairpiece:

    Base Design Super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over (thinnest skin 0.06mm)
    Base Size 2" x 2"
    Base Material Color Transparent
    Hair Length 5"
    Hair Density Medium-light to Medium (110%)
    Hair Type 100% human hair 
    Curl & Wave 30mm Wave
    Hair Direction Freestyle
    Advantages Undetectable, easy to attach and clean

    Shipment takes place within 1-3 days. 

    Kind Reminder

    Please cut the excess lace material before you attach the hair system.


    Men suffering from patch hairloss, or those that have suffered from burns may find themselves with bald patches on the side of their head. You may find that you have full, thick hair everywhere else, except for a small patch of hair that is entirely missing from a small area of your head.

    A Lordhair patch hair loss hair patch for men allows you to cover the small area of hairloss and live live to the fullest again. You do not need surgery, a small, discreet, and invisible hair patch for men is enough to cover your patch hair loss, and let you swim, shower, sleep and do any activity you could want to do.

    How does it work?
    Simply purchase a hair patch for man and choose the size of your hairloss. You can use glue or tape to adhere the hair patch for man to your area of hair loss. It will last from 1-2 months before needing to be replaced, and you can undertake all activities you would normally do in a men's hair patch for patch hair loss.

    Is your hairloss area size or shape different to the options above? Not to worry, send us a template of your hair loss area and we will cut your hairpiece accordingly. Get in touch today to find out more about how to cut a base template for a hair patch by emailing support@lordhair.com. One of our expert advisors will be able to help you.


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