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    Lace Front Support Tape Roll - 3/4 Inch Wide, 3 Yards Long

    Clear tape, blue liner, Width 3/4", Length 3 yards Hold time: up to 3 weeks Dull finish, no reflective glint. Water proof, can shower or shampoo when wearing.
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    Lace support tape roll

    Clear tape, blue liner, 3/4" wide, 3  yards long, you have several different width options.

    Hold time:  Depending on the temperature, humidity, and body oils this tape can last up to 3 weeks

    Dull finish, no reflective glint.

    Water proof, can shower or shampoo when wearing.

    It is exceptionally thin, making it especially suitable for lace. Best choice for extended wear.  It is famous for its dull finish.  This is one of the Best Quality Tape.


    Products  Dullness Hold  Removal  Hypoallergenic
    Lace Front Tape
    Lace Front
    10 7 4  Hypoallergenic logo
    No-Shine Tape
    10 8 3  Hypoallergenic logo
    Ultra Hold Tape
    Ultra Hold
    5 9 2  
    Extenda-Bond Plus
    Extenda-Bond Plus
    5 9.5 2  


    Ratings are for general comparison. Actual performance varies by body chemistry, climate, etc.
    Dullness: Shiny (0), Semi-Dull (5), The Dullest (10)
    Hold: Shortest (0), Longest (10)
    Removal: Highest Residue (0), Lowest Residue (10)


    How to attach?

    Apply the tape around the perimeter of the hair system (or all over the base, depending upon the type of hair system you are using).
    Remove the blue protective backing liner from the double-sided tape
    Position the front of the system in place and then roll the system back over the scalp.
    Secure the hair system to your scalp by pressing firmly on the taped areas and smooth it out so there are no wrinkles or folds.
    Simply brush to blend in with your own hair and you're finsihed.

    Useful Tips
    If you are experiencing difficulty aligning your system correctly, spray a light mist of Just-Rite Positioning Spray onto the tape, which will temporarily eliminate the tackiness allowing you a brief opportunity to slide the system into the correct position. This will enable you to fit and align the system perfectly every time!


    How to remove?

    The tape should be released thoroughly with Lace Release, this can improve the clean-up and prolong the life of the lace.


    For further enquiry, please contact support@lordhair.com via email.

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