S14: Fine welded mono with Super Thin Skin Hairpieces on Sides Back, PU Patch on Front Hair System

Product Code: S14
The fine welded mono and skin combination of these super thin skin hairpieces means you are assured of durability and convenience of use. The mono is tough and the skin is transparent and easy to tape or glue and clean.

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As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

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Base Construction:   Fine welded mono on top and front section, 3/4″ PU patch (super thin brushed poly patch) 1/2″ back from hair line for tape tab, 1″ thin transparent skin on back and sides make it easy cleaning and add durability

Hair type:                 High quality Indian human hair, Chinese hair, Remy hair. Synthetic hair is also available.

Appearance:            Undetectable top view and invisible hairline, natural looking and beautiful appearance.

Suited hair density:  Light to medium light

Comfort:                  Feather light, airy feel, breathable, the poly patch and skin extension provide a track area for the easy application of tape and adhesive. Incorporating the skin extension will also enable wearer to bond the hair system for longer periods of time and it also makes it easier to clean.

Applicable User:     Hair-wearer who cares more about sweet appearance and also some durability.

You buy super thin skin hairpieces from Lordhair, you buy super thin skin hairpieces directly from super thin skin hairpieces manufacturer, Asia factory for hair replacement systems, super thin skin hairpieces,  men’s toupee, women’s wigs and hairpieces.

mono hair replacement system with skin perimetermono hair replacement system with skin perimetermono hair replacement system with skin perimetermono hair replacement system with skin perimeter
invisible hairline 

why shop with us

Cost Saving:

Purchase super thin skin hairpieces with us, you buy directly from the super thin skin hairpieces factory at a very low price. No any middleman charge, order placed directly to us factory, shipment directly to your door.


Over 10 year super thin skin hairpieces industry experience. quality guaranteed, more important, we can give our suggestions on the factory point of view. 


We sell super thin skin hairpieces online, which is very convenient for you to place order, seated at home, no need travel to salon, additional traffic saving meanwhile.


All your details kept on file at factory, very easy to reorder. You can even make duplication, make repair, all are very easy to handle on our website.


Payment accepted with PayPal only, everybody knows PayPal protect buyers very well, so no worry about risk.

Satisfaction guarantee:

If you feel not satisfied with your super thin skin hairpieces 30 days after receiving them, you can return the super thin skin hairpieces unit back to us.
 order directly


 how to order

1. Place order online, fill in online order form.

The online order form was designed very easy to use, you can choose the drop-down selection step by step to order a custom made super thin skin hairpieces according to your own details.

2. Down load our order form hard copy, print it and fill your details in, scan (or take a photo) and send to us via email, you can also post the order form to us together with the template and hair samples.


 ordering tools

Below ordering tools might be helpful when place order:
ordering tools

Base model kit ring:

Our base model kit ring is composed with many base designs with real materials, each model is in size 6" width x8" length, standard contour. help you easy to observe material and overall construction.

Base material kit ring:

This base material kit ring also includes more than 40 kinds of different materials that will be used to build a hair system base, it is also very useful for new wearers or salons/studios to choose a base material you like the best.

Curl & wave chart:

The curl & wave chart can show you different curl and wave in real hair, easy for you to compare with your own curl and density so that can order in correct curls in orders.

wave chart

Measuring tape:

As we all know, measure the base sizes, hair lengths

Color ring:

More than 40 pieces of real human hair color samples consisted in our color ring, they cover nearly all hair colors human people might have. It help you to deceide a most suitable color, and easy for our communication, factory also easy to follow to ensure make out thesuper thin skin hairpieces in real color you want.

color rings

If you feel still can not find a color suits you well, please click here to view more color options.


Density chart:

 A very important tool when order a custom made hair replacement system, some time we feel really very hard to describe density with customers. With a density chart, you can order a accurate density to match your age. Most of time, a good density can avoid a super thin skin hairpiece looks fake.

 density chart

Choosing the correct density is one of the most essential factors in ensuring your super thin skin hairpieces look unbelievably natural. It is pointless investing in a hair system that is obvious and detectable as a result of choosing the wrong density and the simple truth is that an unnatural-looking hair system can be noticed from far away. One of the main reasons why most other super thin skin hairpieces are so easily detectable is a result of unnaturally thick hair. 

 time of delivery

Regular size super thin skin hairpieces take an average of 6 weeks. Full head wigs need 1week longer. This time exclude the going over details time at the begining between you and us and of course exclude the logistics time of your parcel sent in. However we offer rush service which is 4 weeks. In below chart might help you to understand better.

time of delivery

shipment method

Your order will be well packed and shipped via FedEx/DHL/UPS/EMS/RPX etc. directly to your door. Safe and fast! Shipment usually takes around 3 working days to arrive at your door. Shipment status can be traced and tracked on logistics websites.

shipment method


factory direct

 factory direct


similar styles

Below collections give you many other "lace front" options.  As the name implies, the lace front base are made with a lace material on front section, on this lace section, hair can be single knotted, after the bleaching knots, the knot will be invisible achieving a very natural front hairline appearance,  the hair looks as if growing out from scalp. You can part towards any direction even backwards. The width of the lace front might wide or might narrow, different design may suit different customers need, click below image to view more details of lace front hair relacement systems.

lace front hair systems

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