YJ226: Poly Perimeter Fine Mono Hair Replacement Systems

Base construction is mono base new hair system with poly coatng all around perimeter, clear poly front. 

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YJ226: custom made fine mono with poly perimeter new hair system.


Base construction: 

Base construction is fine mono in center with pu coated on side and back and transparent scalloped poly front.


Front base edge is hidden by under ventilation hair, scalloped edge is more undetectable than flat edge.



1. Tape and adhesive residue on lace cannot be cleaned up easily, adding a strip of poly patch all around is a good idea to save your time on cleaning residue.

2. Your real skin color can appear behind transparent poly on front.

3. The poly coated all around perimeter provides a track area for the easy application of tape and adhesive and will also enable you to bond the hair system for longer periods of time and it also makes it easier to clean.

4. The front base edge and overlap area between front poly and mono center are scalloped to create natural look.

5. Underventilation hair can protect front edge from being seen.


 mono base poly perimeter


mono base poly perimeter

mono base poly perimeter


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