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Flat Injected Hair Super Thin Skin Hair System with French Lace Front

Super thin skin base with a delicate lace front. Hair is injected into the skin meaning no knots and you have a natural front hairline thanks to the lace. Knots can be bleached here. Natural hair systems

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These men’s toupees offer the wearer a great natural look owing to the super thin skin base and the 1” French lace front. The skin base is light and transparent and can be easily glued and attached to the scalp. This skin can be made thinner or thicker to match your wishes. Hair is injected into the base so there are no visible knots on these men’s hair systems. Bleached knots are available on the lace front to create a natural hairline. Should you want your hairpiece to be more breathable then we can punch some tiny holes into the skin for you.

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