JQ1723: Thin Skin Base V-Looped Toupee for Men

Product Code: JQ1723 Toupee
This delicate hair toupee has an ultra thin skin base which looks  just like your own scalp. The hair is V-looped into the base without any knots so you can part your hair anywhere on head.

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The JQ1723 ultra thin skin Base V-Looped Human Hair toupee for men is great because of its realistic look. The base of this toupee for men is only 0.03 mm thick and transparent so it is impossible for others to notice that you are actually wearing a toupee for men. Another great feature of this toupee for men is the use of the V-loop ventilation method. This means that the base is completely knotless and the hair is free style which means you can achieve whatever look you want. This toupee for men is also easy to attach remove and clean thanks to the base material and the lack of knots. This toupee is also ideal for hair length from 3 inches to 8 inches. For longer hair lengths, the skin needs to be made thicker. This is not a durable model, but very natural.

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