F002: Lift Injected Thin Skin with Swiss Lace Front Toupee Hair Piece

Product Code: F002 Toupee

This hairpiece has a transparent super thin skin with a delicate Swiss lace front which creates a natural front hairline thanks to the bleached knots and single hair single knots. 

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As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

As such, we will donate $1 to this cause for every Lordhair hair system that we sell.

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The F002 toupee hair piece has a super lift injected thin skin base with a Swiss lace front and is fully customizable. This toupee is super realistic with a transparent base and bleached knots at the front. Lift injection gives a supremely natural look because the hair stands at a natural angle and appears to grow right out from scalp. Scalloped connections between the lace front and injected skin adds to the natural look of this toupee hair piece. The F002 super light toupee hair piece is ideal for those who value a stunning natural appearance over breathability and length of use.


Base Construction:  Transparent super lift injected thin skin with Swiss lace in front, scalloped connection between skin and lace makes the connection undetectable.

Hair type: High quality Indian human hair, Chinese hair or Remy hair. Synthetic hair is also available.

Appearance: Undetectable front hairline with bleached knots offers the most natural appearance. Super lift injected in other sections, hair looks like its growing from your scalp.

Reommended hair density:  Light to medium

Comfort: Light weight, skin base makes the base easy to tape and clean.

Applicable User: Wearer who wants hair lift, a natural appearance and is less concerned about breathability and length of use. Normal lifespan is 1-2 months, if it is properly maintained. If you want thicker skin, it can be more durable and last longer.

Super lift injected thin skin with Swiss lace front


Super lift injected thin skin with Swiss lace front

Super lift injected thin skin with Swiss lace front

thin skin with lace front

thin skin with lace front


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