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Integration systems

Hair integration systems are often made with PE line, fish net and other materials. Airy feel and totally breathable. The big hole net enables you to pull your own hair out through the net holes. This allows you to wear a custom hair replacement system without shaving your head. A hair integration system is the best choice for women with thinning or diffuse hair loss.

Lordhair’s fully customized integrated hair solutions for women are aptly suitable for styling, hair thinning complications, and complete hair-loss. Our women’s hair integration systems are used by women across the world seeking more volume and dimension to their hair. Our hair integration systems are 100% organic solutions to gain confidence and enhance your appearance. Hair integration solutions from Lordhair are ideal for women who don’t have serious hair loss & they just want to get more volume at minimal cost.


Lordhair has designed integrated women’s hair systems so natural and light that you will forget you are wearing one. Our vast collection of amazing women’s hair integration products includes PE Line integration systems, Fishnet integration systems, hair integration with thin skin parting and front, polyester net with skin perimeter integration systems, and mono top hair integration systems.


Made from 100% human hair, our women’s hair integration products are extremely high-quality and don’t require you to shave your head. From base design to dimensions, size, and hair density, everything will be strictly customized as per your preferences. Want to check out stock wigs to experiment with your look? Here are the stock wigs for fast delivery!