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    Why We Have Hair

    Although hair certainly looks good, we actually have hair for evolutionary reasons that don’t involve hairs cosmetic effects at all. The hair on our heads was primarily evolved  to keep us warm. Any arctic explorer will tell you that a bare head will suck the warmth from your body faster than anything else, so we evolved hair there to keep us healthy in the cold. The hair all over our bodies also stop us from getting too cold or too hot. When we get cold, a muscle connected to our hair follicle makes our hair stand up. This is what we colloquially refer to as goosebumps. When standing up straight, the hairs form a more effective heat trapping layer right above the skin, keeping us warm. Conversely, when we are warm, the hairs lie flat, allowing for heat to radiate off of our bodies. In humans these hairs obviously aren’t that effective at keeping us warm or cool, seeing as we have to wear winter coats when it’s snowy, but if you look at many long haired animals, you can see that their goosebumps actually form insulating pockets of hair, like you would see in a puffy jacket.


    Our hair also serves to protect us from the UV radiation, coming from the sun. Some evolutionary theorists believe that the kinky hair typical of those of African descent was developed because it blocks the passage of UV rays from the scalp more effectively than straight hair would. Straight hair is thought to have been developed as migration north, out of Africa, occurred thousands of years ago people ended up in places with less sunlight. Their kinky hair was too effective at blocking the UV, which in smaller doses is necessary to provide the vitamin D that is essential for healthy bone development. Straight hair was therefore evolutionarily advantageous in certain areas because it allowed for the right amount of UV light to pass into our skins.


    Certain hairs on our bodies serve totally different purposes, like our eyelashes, which allow us to have a sense of touch that is not directly connected to our skin. Eyelashes allow us to feel when there are particles like dirt our dust around our eyes, triggering the reflex to blink us to blink before anything harmful can get into our eyes.They also physically protect our eyes from particles. Similarly, nasal hairs help to stop dirt, dust, and allergens like pollen from getting into our nasal cavities.


    Just like real hair, our hair systems look great, and don’t worry, they’ll keep your head warm in the winter too. We offer a variety of different styles and want to help find you find your perfect system. Lordhair: look good, feel great