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    Why Salon Professionals Should Join LinkedIn

    Linkedin is just a job search platform, right? WRONG! You can leverage Linkedin to find opportunities to market your salon, meet others in the industry and find new opportunities in the industry. Aside from creating a serious and professional image, you can reap the following benefits.

    Advertise your services

    You can even offer “corporate coupons” for professionals coming to you through Linkedin, or target corporate HR managers of large offices near you to add your salon services to their company benefit package offerings.


    Connect with others in the hair industry

    • Join hair salon groups and network with suppliers, stylists, and industry professionals
    • Find out about hair events near you (trainings, exhibitions, etc.)
    • Enter salon awards
    • Discover new products

    Find stylists

    Wanting to find the best stylist talent out there? Advertise stylist vacancies on Linkedin.