What is Underhair


What is underhair?  You might have this question when you place an order online.   Underhair is hair ventilated on the edge of a toupee or wig from the underside of the base to cover the edge, so that the edge of the base is not visible.  Below is a picture of our L2 model (fine mono with PU coating all around perimeter), with underhair on the front edge:


Please note that underhair is not suitable for all base toupee and wig designs.  It is good for the thick base edges, like PU coating, Folded lace or Folded mono.  For thin skin and single layer lace and mono, there is no need for underhair at all. 


Hope the information helps.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to email: support@lordhair.com 

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