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    0.03mm UTS Ultra-Thin Skin Men’s Hair System: We Break Down the Design of Our Best-Selling Hair System

    There is often more to a hair system than meets the eye. The quality of the hair is all many will see but the hair is just one part of a hair system. We should not forget about the base design which also gives a hair system its principal characteristics. In today’s blog, we will break down the design of our best-selling hair system, UTS, and explain what makes it such a natural and popular hair system with men.


    UTS ultra thin skin hair system


    Our UTS ultra-thin skin hair system is made of a 0.03mm polyurethane base with V-looped hair all over


    Base design: Base material


    The obvious starting point is the base material itself. Whilst there is nothing unusual about a polyurethane base (more commonly known as ‘poly’ or ‘thin skin’, and sometimes PU when it is particularly thicker), it is the thinness of the poly used to make UTS that sets it apart.


    0.03mm thickness 


    Measuring just 0.03mm in thickness, it really couldn’t be any thinner and of course, the thinner the base material, the more natural the appearance. Being so thin it will completely blend in with your own scalp. It’s not something that you will feel on your head either.


    Base design: Hair ventilation method


    Now, let’s think about the hair. UTS uses regular Indian human hair which is the default option for our stock hair systems. However, it is the way the hair is ventilated (the industry word for ‘attached’) to the poly base that is the other key feature of this hair system. The human hair is V-looped which means the hair is injected through a tiny hole in the base and then pulled out of another hole as you can see in the illustration below:


    V looped ventilation 


    This step is repeated across the base to create a completely knotless technique. The strands of hair resemble a ‘V’ when inspected from side-on but the hair will fall in a natural way the way our own hair does.


    limitless hairstyling options


    This technique along with the thinness and transparent nature of the poly base create the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp. You can’t get more real than that! This is why a hair system like UTS gives the wearer complete freedom in how they style their hair.


    All our stock hair systems have a freestyle hair direction and when you consider how realistic UTS is right across the base then that’s what makes it perfect if you want to part your hair like our customer Juha:




    What makes it so popular?


    We’ve touched on why this type of thin skin hair system is popular but to summarize:


    l  A base thickness of just 0.03mm

    l  Knotless, V-looped hair all over

    l  Highly realistic front hairline

    l  Complete freedom in hairstyle options


    How long will it last?


    Here’s the compromise you will have to make. Given the thinness and fragile nature of the base, UTS is not a very long-lasting hair system. You must be very careful when you are handling it. V-loops, whilst very natural in their appearance, will loosen more easily than other ventilation methods such as knots. That will result in hair shedding more quickly and ultimately it will be hair shedding that will prevent you from wearing it for much more than one month.


    We recommend you purchase multiple units at a time as the individual hair system cost drops the larger your order number and also that way you will always have a spare hair system on hand.




    UTS should be one of your first considerations if realism is your priority. You will struggle to find a hair system that gives you a more natural appearance and one with such limitless styling options. It’s perfect if you intend to style your hair to expose your front hairline.


    For any other information about our top-selling UTS then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at support@lordhair.com.